Spain: "I hope the CCP will vanish from the earth forever"

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On April the 8th, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners assembled in the busy Puerta Del Sol in the city centre in Madrid to protest against the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal behaviour of setting up concentration camps to torture Falun Gong practitioners to death, removing their organs while they were alive, cremating their bodies, and to support the 9.5 million people who quit the CCP.

Puerta Del Sol was busier and more lively than usual. People were busy buying merchandise for the coming Easter and also many tourists from foreign countries had started their Easter holidays ahead of time. Puerta Del Sol was full of people. When the banners written both in Chinese and Spanish “Strongly protest against the CCP who torture Falun Gong practitioners to death, harvests their organs and cremates their bodies to remove the evidence”, “Support the 9.5 million withdrawals from the CCP,” the tourists around immediately came. When people looked at the pictures of the violence, cruelly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, they showed their serious and angry faces instead of their joyful laughter and relaxed faces. People were furious about this miserable incident, just like Nazis massacred the Jews in past years, which was brutal and miserable and still happening in the 21st century. Many people came to sign their names supporting Falun Gong. Some people specially came to shake hands with Falun Gong practitioners to express their sincere respects and firm support to those Falun Gong practitioners, who insist in their belief and still protest peacefully in the harsh environment under the CCP tyranny.
After understanding this miserable persecution which is still happening in China, two travellers from USA said: “This is terrible! We must tell the reporter about this incident and to our friends in the USA and they will definitely help to unveil this matter.”

A lady from Madrid is a member of the Spanish Protestant churches. She said they would hold a parade and demonstration to protest against the persecution of the Christians by the CCP in China. She asked for the practitioner’s contact information and hoped they could parade and protest against the persecution of the religions and beliefs by the CCP together with Falun Gong practitioners.

After seeing the pictures and flyers, an elderly man said with anger: “This is even more brutal than the Nazis! Wherever the CCP is there must be a reign of terrors and disaster. I hope the CCP will vanish from the earth forever!”

Among the crowd wanting to understand the truth, there were tourists from China as well as the local Chinese people. Although a man from China was not willing to express his opinion due to the reason known by everyone, he still could not bear it and said “The CCP are just murderers” in a low voice. This disclosed the Chinese people’s repugnant attitude toward the evil CCP.

When the activities came to an end, it became sunny and warm, the sunshine brightened up Puerta Del Sol. A girl who was studying at Madrid University, after understanding the truth, said: “Don’t give up. As long as you persist, justice will return to the people, just like the sun.”

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