Finland: Protesting Against the Massacre of Practitioners in CCP Labour Camps

In order to protest against the removal of Falun Gong practitioners’ organs while still alive and the cremation of their bodies to remove the evidence in CCP concentration and labour camps, as well as to awaken people’s justice and consciousness to stop this inhuman persecution together, Finnish Falun Gong practitioners went to the Chinese Embassy to disclose the truth of the persecution to the people.
Some Chinese people with a sense of justice and understanding of the truth, when hearing about such inhuman persecution in the concentration and labour camps said, “It’s too brutal! It’s too dark!” Some even agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations immediately. Some passing Embassy staff were willing to receive further material to read after hearing of the incidents taking place in CCP concentration and labour camps.

Many Finns came to apply for visas. Sometimes people continuously examined the exhibition boards written in Finnish “The CCP concentration camps torture and kill Falun Gong practitioners, remove their organs while they’re alive.”

One foreign lady who spoke English held a slanderous anti-Falun Gong flyer in her hand given to by the CCP Embassy. After the practitioners explained to her, she understood that flyer was full of untruths. She was curious to ask the truth of the persecution and when she understood the truth, this lady, with sympathy and humanity, could not bear it and cried. She was choking and said there are always so many people suffering so many miseries and misfortunes in the world. She sincerely hoped this persecution could stop as soon as possible and the Chinese people could live in a peaceful and democratic environment.

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