Germany: German Practitioners go to Washington DC to Expose the Persecution

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As soon as I reached Munich Airport, I rushed into the departure hall to check in. The time was limited and when I arrived at the check-in for American Airlines, no one was there except for a few uniformed staff getting ready to leave. I hurriedly went to them to ask whether if this was the place to check-in. They looked at me and said: “Why did you just come now? We’re already closed”. Of course, after consulting their seniors, they stayed back and went through the procedures and checked me in.

A gentleman asked me why I was going to America. I handed him some material about the CCP slaughtering Falun Gong practitioners and selling their organs illegally. I told him that it was because the head of the Chinese Communist Party was visiting America, and I wanted justice for Falun Gong practitioners inside China. Upon hearing this he immediately said to me in Chinese: “Oh, Falun Gong, I know. I saw you yesterday in Karlsplatz. Are you going to America to protest? Excellent!” He checked me in very quickly and said goodbye.

Whilst waiting for my luggage at the flight interchange in Philadelphia, a girl stood next to me and had a hearty chat with me. I found out that she was from Austria. I talked to her about the intention of my coming here and gave her a leaflet. She was very happy and we walked together until we got to the departure gate for Washington DC, after walking a complicated route. Before leaving she wished me good luck. I kept on having the feeling that Master had arranged for her to lead me to my destination.

When changing and waiting for another flight at Philadelphia, I was asking some staff about certain things, and then clarifying the truth to them in broken English. I gave them English material and told them that it was a shame that the only material I have about the Chinese Communist Party illegally selling practitioners’ organs were in German. I took out a picture to show them, but they took the German material, saying that they would give them to their German friends. Then one of them demanded my ticket, which I thought was very strange, but I still obeyed. He punched a few keys on his keyboard and then handed me a new ticket. He told me, he was very grateful that I told him about the truth of Falun Gong, therefore he changed my ticket to first class.

After arriving in Washington DC, I went to take the Metro. On my way there were kind-hearted people to help me, and I would always tell them what I came here for. Most people said, you are going to a protest, that’s brilliant, I wish you good luck.

When waiting for the train, because I wasn’t sure which line to take, I asked a lady, and we naturally talked about why I came to DC. But when she found out that I came from Germany, she turned around and said loudly to her whole family behind her: “Which of you are learning German? Come here quickly.” A little girl came to me. She was her daughter and said she had learned German for two years and furthermore would like to stay and study in Germany in the future. I told them about the terrible things happening in China, and the mother was very shocked to hear about them. I told her about the CCP’s brutal crimes, and she said she understood. I hoped that she would do her best to help Falun Gong practitioners by writing to her district senator to take action and also tell her friends and relatives. She formally and seriously expressed that she would. Before departing, she shoved a Metro map into my hand and her entire family bid me farewell. Even her husband, who had remained completely silent, smiled and waved goodbye.

In the coming weekend, practitioners around the world would be gathered in Washington DC, and the people here would really be fortunate.

* * *

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