An Obstetrician in China: The Chinese Communist Party Turned Us Into Murderers

I'm an obstetrician who has practiced medicine for many years, and have been fortunate enough to have read truthful information about Falun Gong. Whenever I meet people I talk about this issue. They all agree that Falun Gong is good. They know of people whose illnesses disappeared after practicing Falun Gong, who became better people, and whose dispositions changed for the better.

When we discuss the horrible news about organ harvesting from live practitioners in Sujiatun Death Camp, some people angrily condemn how society has become. Others have been fooled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and have come to believe its lies. They do not believe that such inhumane things could happen and that this could be true. They think that a doctor heals illnesses and saves lives. They think that it's impossible for him or her to commit such crimes. They even asked me: "You've been a doctor all your life. Do you think this is possible? Could this be true?" The question makes me uneasy and shameful because I have done many similar dishonorable things.

It is true that a doctor's duty is to cure disease and save lives. We have sometimes gone without sleep for days to save a patient's life. We would often swallow a newborn's saliva when we perform CPR, and we would perform emergency procedures for an hour or two until there is no hope of survival. I have saved the lives of many patients, pregnant women, and newborns.

Since "Planned Childbirth" became a national policy (note: Women who've already given birth once are forced to have an abortion if they become pregnant again. One must use pharmaceutical injection to abort a last trimester fetus; if the fetus survives, it must be killed at birth), late term pregnancy abortions became necessary. In China today, a close to full term or full term fetus does not have the right to be born if the parents already have a child. Any doctor who helps a mother give birth to a live baby will be fired. If the doctor is a member of the CCP, then he or she is expelled from the party and loses his/her job. Many doctors and nurses could not accept this order, which tells them to kill adorable innocent babies. We were supposed to save people's lives, and now we are forced to kill newborns. How did we deal with this dilemma? We conducted meetings for days within our department, and the conclusion was that we must follow the national policy. We have to carry out the policy regardless of our disagreement or our non-acceptance of the political mission.

Since then, we have killed countless children. Some of them weighed nine pounds and were healthy and strong. It was difficult to kill them. We stuffed their mouths with gauze and strangled them. Then we threw them into large buckets full of water and held their heads to the bottom. If they raised their heads or floated above the water, we held them down again. If we were unable to kill them this way, we injected alcohol, air, and antiseptic solution into their brains. We used different methods and spent half an hour to an hour to kill them. It was extremely difficult to watch the cruel process. I would perspire profusely out of fear and cry in pain afterwards. Some doctors had nightmares and developed weak and frail nervous systems.

The relatives were not allowed to watch the process. But some of them fainted after seeing the dead babies. All family members cried. As a doctor, I should have been saving lives, but instead I killed these precious newborns. The wicked CCP forces those of us who swore the physician's oath to become merciless murderers. This is my own personal experience. God knows how many more innocent little lives were terminated. I have sinned greatly!

Many people cannot believe that the murders in Sujiatun ever happened. Falun Gong practitioners' organs were harvested and their bodies cremated to destroy the evidence. From my own personal experience, I can tell you that this is all true. Kindhearted people cannot imagine such evil acts, but there is no evil the CCP could not commit.

I hereby appeal to my conscientious colleagues, those who are involved in Sujiatun-like projects, to expose the evildoings! Stop this cruel and heartless slaughter! Redeem your sins and become a dignified Chinese citizen!

The CCP has become the world's largest corrupt and rotten party. Heaven will most certainly eliminate it.

What goes around comes around. Please renounce the CCP and all its affiliated organizations (including the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers) to save your own life!

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