Danish MP Calls for an Urgent Investigation into Concentration Camps in China

Recently, Mr. Soren Espersen, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs of the People Party and member of the National Assembly of Denmark, was interviewed by The Epoch Times newspaper regarding the incident of the CCP setting up secret concentration camps, killing Falun Gong practitioners, harvesting organs from live Falun Gong practitioners for profit and finally cremating the remains of the person’s body to destroy the evidence. The following is a transcript of the interview:

Reporter: Many people felt shocked when they heard the concentration camps incident of removing organs from the bodies of live persons. What was your first response when you heard this?

Soren Espersen: When I heard this, my first response was that it’s simply too horrible that this kind of thing can still happen nowadays. I had only heard that this kind of thing happened in the Gulag concentration camps established by the former Soviet Union during Stalin’s time and the Nazi concentration camps in the 1940s. It is really horrible to think that this kind of matter is still happening in 2006.

Reporter: It is said that you have written a letter to the Foreign Minister of Denmark especially regarding this matter. What have you written in the letter?

Soren Espersen: I requested the Danish government to seek an enquiry from the Chinese authority into whether this is fact or rumour, and urged the CCP to allow the International Red Cross and representatives from the United Nations to investigate this matter in prisons, labour camps and concentration camps in China. As far as I know, there are quite a few concentration camps of this kind in China. It is extremely essential to allow the International Red Cross and representatives from United Nations to conduct an independent investigation.

Reporter: Did you get a reply?

Soren Espersen: I delivered my letter after I read related reports a few days ago; I expect to get a reply from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in one week. It is very important that all western governments exert pressure on the CCP and force them to stop this kind of conduct. If the CCP regime wants to enter civilised society, it must stop doing this kind of thing.

Reporter: In the years of World War II, a similar situation happened in the Nazi concentration camps. The truth was not revealed to the public until the end of the war due to the western media and governments keeping silent. The present situation seems also similar to the one in those years. Why do so many western media and governments keep silent regarding this matter? What is your view regarding this?

Soren Espersen: This is a good question. In fact, it is very interesting if we judge this matter from the historical angle. Reviewing history, we know that many Chinese people were the victims of the Japanese concentration camps during the World War II; Chinese people clearly knew what concentration camps were. China itself was the victim of the crimes conducted by Japan in the Southeast countries, now the CCP turns out to be the persecutor.

Reporter: Do you think lessons could be learned from this?

Soren Espersen: This kind of thing must be stopped. What I mean is that the International Red Cross should be allowed to investigate the true situation in there, just as the situation happened in the Gulag concentration camps and Nazi concentration camps in those years. It is most important that the international societies investigate what has really happened there, rather than merely base the situation on this report. It counts for much, so the international societies should exert pressure on the CCP.

Reporter: What do you think the Danish Government should do about the concentration camps?

Soren Espersen: As far as the Danish government is concerned, Denmark is a member of the UN Security Council and has an influential voice in European society. There is also the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; in many aspects we could exert pressure on the CCP regime. It is very desirable for Denmark respond to this matter.

Reporter: The most recent witness from a senior military doctor indicates that, the CCP established thirty six concentration camps and they could destroy all the evidence in a few days or weeks. It may not be useful even to launch an investigation in China. Moreover, the CCP only expressed a denial three weeks after this matter was exposed to the public. What is your view of this?

Soren Espersen: This is the reason why I think the International organisations must enter China to investigate this matter and exert pressure on the CCP regime. Today I understood that there is more than one concentration camp in China. Although we cannot accurately know what has happened there, it is important for us to enter into those concentration camps to conduct an investigation even if the CCP destroyed the evidence. Of course, destroying evidence itself is also a terrible thing. However the most important thing is to close those concentration camps. People can not be treated like this nowadays.

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