Belgian Newspaper De Standaard Reports on the CCP's Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners' Organs

According to a report by the Belgian newspaper, De Standaard, on the 20th of April, the British Organ Transplantation Society accused the Chinese Communist Party of violating human rights in a press release yesterday. Britain's top-notch surgeons emphasised the recent condemnation of the CCP organs trade. Not only the organs of those who on the death roll were taken away without the permission of the prisoners; what was worse, the prisoners were executed when organs were needed.

What is astonishing is that China International Organ Transplant net aide centre in Shenyang guaranteed that the wait will be extremely brief. The centre website promises patients in the section of "voluntary donors" that a patient can get a kidney in one week and the wait will not exceed one month. Liver transplants only takes two month's waiting at most.

On the other hand, in Europe, North America or Japan, people wait for several months or even years to find a suitable organ. It is impossible to guarantee that in a short term the organ can be "supplied." According to Joachim De Roey, coordinator of organ transplant at the medical school of Leuven Catholicism University, "we can only tell patients the average waiting period for specific organ. It depends on different factors to find a qualified donor: blood type, organisation characteristics, organ size. In fact it is unable to predict who will die." It seemed this is possible in China, so people suspected that the CCP were "facilitating" such a situation.

Organ trade is a big business. Professor and surgeon Stephen Wigmore, director of the Association of British Organ Transplant Ethic Committee, expressed the same suspicion. Yesterday he said during an interview with the BBC that given the speed of finding the appropriate donor for the patient, the prisoners were executed according to the demand for organs.

Human rights organisations have sounded the alarm. Professor Wigmore said, "recently a lot of evidence has been collected and we can not be a detached viewer." The Falun Gong spiritual movement that has been persecuted in China released surprising news to the world in the past few months. The organisation said witnesses have testified the existence of concentration camp in China, where Falun Gong practitioners are locked up.

According to witnesses, the prisoners on the death roll were murdered in order to obtain their organs. Some people were still alive when their organs were taken away. Later the prisoners' corpses were destroyed to eliminate the evidence. With the establishment of an "organ transplant tour group," the organ business became more lucrative. Following in the footstep of Japan and South Korea, more and more Europeans and Americans went to China for this.

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