Paris: Revealing The Truth To Chinese TV Reporters

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Telling the True Story to Chinese State Television Reporters in Paris

Reported by a French practitioner

The 3rd arrondissement in Paris is an area with a high Chinese population. The district government started its weeklong Chinese cultural activities on February 12 in the city office to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Artist Zhang Cuiying, a Falun Gong practitioner, was invited to hold a personal painting exhibition. The district government invited all Chinese community groups and Chinese consulate personnel to a party on Sunday afternoon. Some members of the French Falun Dafa Association were also invited to attend.

The practitioners saw a few people acting like reporters with "CCTV" tags on their equipment. They walked up to them and wished them a happy New Year. After the initial greetings, a practitioner patted one of the reporters on the shoulder and said, "Let me say a few words between us friends. Please tell your colleagues in China not to follow Jiang's orders to lie unscrupulously about Falun Gong." The reporter nodded quietly, and the practitioner continued, "Have you seen how many discrepancies there are in the 'Tiananmen self-immolation' film made by CCTV?" The practitioner pointed out a few specific cases for him and the reporter nodded his head in agreement.

It is clear that the lies can no longer deceive people who have learned the true story.

* * *

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