Italy: Exposing CCP Atrocities to Delegates at the International Conference on Liver Transplant Technology

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From May 4th - 6th, 2006, an international liver transplant technology exchange meeting was held in Milan. The participants were famous surgeons and professors from countries all over the world. Falun Gong practitioners in Italy revealed to the participants the Chinese Communist Party's act of stealing and selling Falun Gong practitioners' organs.

After getting approval from the police without a problem, on May 6th, practitioners went to Milan's Marriot hotel where the meeting would be held to set up the display boards at the gate and distribute information to pedestrians and participants at the conference. A practitioner obtained the agreement of hotel personnel and stood at the main entrance of the hotel to distribute leaflets to every guest in and out. Inside the hotel, a lot of people were reading the material. Some people did not take the leaflet when entering the door, yet after they saw a lot of people were reading the leaflets, they came back to ask for a copy from the practitioners.

A professor from Canada requested a leaflet from Falun Gong practitioners. He said he will go to a hospital in Tianjin next month and will read the material conscientiously. A lady participating at the meeting took several copies of material and said she will show them to her colleagues.

Many participants took pictures of the display boards after requesting consent from the practitioners. Two medical professors of surgery from Egypt's Cairo University told practitioners that they had patients who went to China to undertake organ transplant operations which was very cheap. They said they did not know about this thing in the past, which should be known to more persons and exposed world-wide. Patients should not go to China for organ transplant, and Chinese doctors should be forbidden to participate in international academic conferences. They also invited practitioners to go to meet the executive chairman of the meeting, Dr.Begerti of the hospitals of a University in the seventh district in Paris.

The doctor mentioned that he shared the view of the scholars participating in the conference, that is, that the organ transplant should be agreed by the donor in advance and should follow the medical moral standards. Otherwise it is unacceptable. He also said, although he did not understand the incident of Falun Gong practitioners' organs being stolen, he knew about China's taking organs from people on the death roll. Taking organs without the owner's consent is an act of stealing, which is unacceptable in any case. Unfortunately, the international media did not pay enough attention to the issue. Everybody needs to make joint efforts.

Outside the hotel, the Milan resident passing by were shocked too. A woman had tears in her eyes said after seeing the materials, "I have a liver problem and need the operation badly. However if I know someone loses life because of me, then I cannot really live. I would rather give up this opportunity. The Communist Party is too bad. My family was once persecuted by the Communist Party in eastern Europe." She took a lot of materials and enquired about the situation of the exercise site. She came back after a while and asked for more materials for her friends.

Another lady said after seeing the display boards, "I felt suffocated because of the shock. It is really difficult to imagine such a thing could have happened at the present time. How can people just sit and watch?"

The participants came in and out in an endless stream. Almost all the people have received the material, causing a shortage. Fortunately there was a copy shop nearby so that more people had a chance to learn about the truth.

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