Taiwan: Tainan City Council Passes Resolution Condemning the CCP's Atrocities

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On May 24th, 2006, on the first scheduled meeting of the 16th council, the Tainan City Council passed a resolution condemning the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and illegally harvesting body organs from them. The resolution was co-sponsored by four council members and co-signed by 29 members. Three quarters of the members supported the resolution and is yet another Taiwanese resolution. So far, Chiayi County, Yilan County and Chilong City have condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s killing of Falun Gong practitioners.

Vice Speaker Kuo Hsin-liang accepts council member Li Wen-cheng's proposal

Mayor of Tainan City Hsu Tian-cai accepts council member Li Wen-cheng's proposal

The resolution requested the CCP to allow the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG)" to visit China's labour camps and concentration camps to investigate the allegations of imprisonment, live organ removal and the cremation of practitioner's bodies. The resolution urged all of the country's government and health organisations to set up ethics rules for procuring organ transplants in China and to inform people widely about the illegal acts of live organ removal in China.

Vice Speaker Kuo Hsin-liang of Tainan City Council (3rd from right)

Sponsors (from right) Chen Ting-fei, Li Wen-cheng, Chiang Cang-yuan (2nd from left), co-signer Kuo Ching-hua (first on left)

Copies of the resolution were also sent to the President, Legislative Council, Department of Health, Doctors Association, US President Bush, US Congress, United Nations, International Red Cross, Amnesty International, International Human Rights, World Health Organization and the CIPFG.

The four council members said the CCP regime has escalated its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by illegal detention, torture in concentration camps, live organ removal for profit and cremating their remains to destroy evidence. These crimes are violating human beings' safety, basic freedom, basic morality and the international covenant on human rights. For such atrocities, the city council must reflect its citizens' wishes, so they proposed the resolution condemning the CCP to the city council and city government.

The City Council and Mayor Hsu Tian-cai accepted the proposal. Vice Speaker Kuo Hsin-liang said that more than half the city council members agreed to issue the strongest condemnation to the CCP.

Council member Chiang Cang-yuan called on the UN, international human rights organisations and the Red Cross to condemn the CCP. He hoped that Falun Gong practitioners overseas will cooperate with practitioners in mainland China in searching for evidence and disclosing the facts to the world as early as possible.

Council member Li Wen-cheng said that the international community should pay attention to and actively be involved in the investigation of this incident. Though it is possible that current economic interests in China will lead to difficulties in the international investigation, the evil forces violating the universal values of human rights, democracy and freedom must be exposed. He believed the CCP's atrocities would be condemned by the whole world and there will be karmic retribution for those crimes.

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