Letter to the Editor: It is My Most Fervent Hope that Liu Jizhi has Managed to Make it Out Alive

What follows is a letter to the editor which was originally received by the Clearharmony website on April 27th, 2006. The reader had been following the story of practitioner Liu Jizhi and wrote us a letter to express shock and empathy about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Dear Clearharmony Team:

I read the article about Mrs. Liu Jizhi with deep sadness in my heart. I hope with all my heart and from the depths of my soul that she has somehow managed to make it out of this terrible place. During the last week, I have been praying that she wouldn’t have to suffer additional pain. When I read that Mrs. Jizhi was arrested again, I felt great sorrow. I only wish that I could do something other than merely inform the others around me about the situation and to support Mrs. Liu Jizhi in my thoughts.

However, the latest news is just beyond description, although they were was almost predictable. Even God seems to be weeping because the heavens above Switzerland have opened and I am weeping with Him.
I will continue to pray for Mrs. Liu Jizhi and think of her because what happened to her is one of the worst things that can be done to a woman (not to mention the torture and persecution she has suffered)! I hope with my whole heart that she may fully recover and wish her the freedom to decide for herself what she wants to do and to believe.

Best regards,
A faithful reader.
(Name omitted)

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