Older Lady, Ms. Yu Fuxiang Died Tragically Under Persecution

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Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yu Fuxiang, 55, had residency in Baota Middle School, Huangzhou City, Hubei Province . Her former husband is the school's employee. Her residency was still with the school even after the divorce. Not only was her family life very tragic, but also she suffered much from her diabetes and many other sicknesses . Only after cultivating Falun Dafa was her life happy and free from illness. Ms. Yu Fuxiang was cruelly tortured in the persecution until she died very tragically.

Arrested When Exercising in the Park

One morning in December 1999, Ms. Yu Fuxiang was doing Falun Dafa exercises in Baota Park when she was arrested and detained for 15 days in Huangzhou City Second Detention Centre. Police extorted 450 yuan1 from her, which was a lot of money based on her living situation at the time.

Detained Again When Appealing in Beijing

In March 2000, Ms. Yu Fuxiang was longing to have a safe environment in which to cultivate, and knew she would be arrested once she exercised outside, so she decided to go to Beijing to appeal and tell the government officials about how practitioners close to her had greatly improved their mental and physical health through practising Falun Dafa. She dearly hoped that the government would allow practitioners to cultivate, but before she even stepped into the National Appeals Office, she was arrested. Authorities escorted her back to Huangzhou City and detained her for 40 days in the Huangzhou City First Detention Centre.

Sent to Forced Labour for Appealing

In June 2000, she was arrested again by police in Beijing City for exercising her citizen's right to appeal. She was brutally beaten and detained in Changping County Detention Centre. During those days she was deprived of her right to sleep and repeatedly beaten. Her flesh was broken open, and her eyes were covered with bruises to the point where she could not open her eyes for a long time. After two weeks she was sent back to Huangzhou City First Detention Centre, as her bruises were still too terrible to be seen. After being detained for two months, she was sentenced to one year of forced labour to be served at Shizishan Labour Camp. The guards did not want to accept her because she suffered from malnutrition and was very weak, but knowing that she had no money to be bailed out on medical parole, they accepted her.

The labour in Shizishan was too heavy for the elderly and weak Ms. Yu Fuxiang to finish. She was constantly beaten by drug addict prisoners, and was only allowed to sleep two to three hours daily. She was later transferred to Shayang Labour Camp. No longer able to endure the unbearable tortures, Ms. Yu Fuxiang signed a statement giving up her belief against her will. She had no financial resources after being released home, and had to shine shoes to survive.

Extended Detention Due to Speaking the Truth

After writing the guarantee letter to stop practising Falun Gong, Ms. Yu Fuxiang clearly felt her health deteriorate day by day, and all of her old illnesses came back. Since she had no money, in order to regain health she again started practising Falun Gong. The miracle of Falun Dafa reappeared and all of her sicknesses disappeared again. She knew she had made false statements against Falun Gong at the Shayang Labour Camp, and decided to explain the truth to the government again. At the beginning of July 2001 Ms. Yu went to Beijing again. She was cruelly tortured and sent back to Huangzhou City. She was detained eight months in Huangzhou City First Detention Centre, and then sentenced to forced labour. Due to her poor physical condition, the camp refused to accept her. She could not practise or eat an adequate amount, so the guards released her in fear of that she might die. Although she was released, the policemen would still arrest and detain her constantly.

Cruelly Beaten for Her Belief in Truth-Compassion- Forbearance

On December 28th, 2002, officials from Huangzhou District Education Bureau and Baota Middle School abducted Ms. Yu Fuxiang when she was busy shining people's shoes and sent her to be brainwashed. Because she refused to betray her faith, she was detained for one month and often beaten brutally.

Such a Scoundrel Policeman

Around June 2003, one policeman asked Ms. Yu Fuxiang to shine his shoes in the Bayi neighbourhood. While shining his shoes, she told him how wonderful she felt because she practised Falun Dafa. The policeman didn't want to pay the one yuan fee and arrested her after his shoes were shined and had her detained for 15 days in the Huangzhou City Second Detention Centre.

Detained Again for Helping Stop a Fight

In July 2003, Ms. Yu was shining shoes in front of Baota Middle School. A group of students were fighting. Ms. Yu Fuxiang tried to help stop the fight but police came and arrested her again, and detained her another 15 days in Huangzhou City Second Detention Centre.

Large Scale Arrest of Falun Dafa Practitioners

Around March 14th, 2004, State Security Agents were arresting Falun Dafa practitioners on a large scale. One friend told her a stranger came to investigate her situation with bad intentions, and persuaded her to hide for a while. All the past detention experiences made her very afraid of being arrested again. She hid for one to two days, rented a different room, and told her new landlord to not tell anyone about her new rental place. She paid the agent with the only 30 yuan that she had, and hoped to find a nanny job. In order to survive, she later had to shine shoes, but had to constantly change places to avoid being arrested.

The Huge Pressure Under the Persecution

On May 6th, 2004, Ms. Yu Fuxiang heard policemen were trying to arrest 40 more Falun Dafa practitioners to send to Hubeo Province Brainwashing Class or Shayang Labour Camp. Ms. Yu was very scared of being arrested, and she secured her door very tightly after returning to her home.

The Unthinkable Happened

Several days later, some people who cared about her had been looking all over the place for her, and thought she had been arrested by policemen again. (The fact that she had been arrested easily before gave people the impression that no one thought she would be locked inside the house). After policemen absolutely denied that they had arrested her, several of her friends broke open her door on the evening of May 13th, 2004. Her doors and windows were all very firmly blocked. Even her wash stand was used to block her door. After hearing some loud noises, they saw her dying in the room. There was no money or food, only an empty stove stood in the room. Nobody knows how she spent those six to seven days.

Ms. Yu Fuxiang in the Hospital

On May 14th, 2004, many Falun Dafa practitioners went to visit Ms. Yu in the hospital, but could not find her. A nurse said, "Yu Fuxiang left after she recovered." We do not know how policemen ordered the hospital employees to cooperate with them. Witnesses later revealed Ms. Yu Fuxiang was in the cancer ward, and had blood covering her face and body.

Ms. Yu Fuxiang Was Quickly Cremated

On the morning of May 15th, 2004, some Falun Dafa practitioners continued looking for her in the hospital. They found many police vehicles parked at the hospital. The Baota Middle School Principal Song Xinyi (male) was there as well. None of the practitioners ever found her, or heard any information about her. In the afternoon they heard that she has been cremated, and died at around 4 a.m. on May 15th, 2004.

The Huangzhou District Education Bureau and the Baota Middle School are Also Responsible

Ms. Yu Fuxiang had no resources. She earned very little by shining shoes, and she could only eat one or two meals per day. Her rent had been paid by fellow practitioners or her relatives. Her residential registered unit - Huangzhou District Education Bureau and Baota Middle School, refused to issue welfare to her just because she practised Falun Dafa. Officials Zhu Chengjie (male) and Yin Nantian (male) from Huangzhou District Education Bureau, and Baota Middle School Principal Song Xinyi (male), actively promoted having Ms. Yu sent to brainwashing centres.


We do not know exactly what tortures Ms. Yu endured, but only know that she had been on a hunger strike for several days, was whipped by a leather belt and was handcuffed with her ankles shackled. Ms. Yu lived a hard life with courage, but she was afraid of being arrested to a great extent! Ms. Yu died tragically, and the only thing she left was a receipt proving that Zhou Yuhua from the First Branch Office of Huangzhou City Police Department extorted 500 yuan from her.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2004/5/25/75439.html

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