Force Feeding in Jinchang Detention Centre

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On January 2nd, 2001, the Jinchang City Police Department launched a combined action plotted by Wang Youxiang and Wang Mingfang of the Political Security Section to arrest dozens of Falun Gong practitioners, Most of them were women. On the same day, those practitioners were centralised and detained in the detention centre in Jinchang City and were threatened that they would be sentenced to forced labour. The practitioners initiated a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Wang Duoming, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Political & Law Secretary of Jinchang City, then stated, "It does not matter what kind of method is used to force-feed them, even if death occurs."

Over a three-day period, many people suddenly turned up at the detention centre to persecute these practitioners. Each person was taken to the office individually and held down on the ground. With both hands and both legs tightly pulled in four directions and someone seated on her stomach holding her head and nose, the practitioner could not move even a little bit and had difficulty breathing. Then a dilator was placed in the practitioner's mouth, through which they forced a mixture of powdered milk and white flour. Twenty to thirty minutes later, the practitioner was almost suffocated, and the white mixture covered her face, neck, hair, and clothing, which quickly froze due to the low temperature.

Grievous yelling echoed throughout the detention centre. Ms. Hou Youfang was one of those force-fed with the white mixture. One person involved in her force-feeding was a former student of hers, who did not dare to face his teacher so hid behind the door.

Responsible persons:

Wang Wanxi, the director of detention centre

Detention Centre in Jinchang City: 86-935-8213748

Hu Dengping, the former deputy director of detention centre (now the director of Shuangwang Police Station): 86-935-7122230

Li Juhua, the physician of the detention centre (She used to be a veterinarian, but as the spouse of Liu Zhiguo, the director of Jinchuan District Police Department, she got a "promotion." She was very vicious to Dafa and practitioners.

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