Germany: Exposing the Atrocities of the Chinese Communist Regime

“It is a massacre and a catastrophe. This atrocious act must be stopped", said Mr. Welinger. He signed a petition urging the Chinese Communist regime to stop the persecution against Falun Gong right after viewing the display boards exposing the facts about Falun Gong and watching a re-enactment of harvesting organs from living practitioners.

On June 14th, 2006, a tremendous number of fans and tourists from around the world converged on Munich, as it was the venue of the opening match of the FIFA World Cup. To let local residents and tourists know about Falun Gong its spread all over the world, Falun Gong practitioners took advantage of this good opportunity to demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises, exhibit display boards and re-enact the torture of Falun Gong practitioners in China. In addition, they exposed the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in forced labor camps, concentration camps and hospitals, including cruel torture and harvesting organs from living humans.

Demonstration of the exercises Introduction of Falun Gong to the public People are shocked by the Chinese Communist regime’s atrocities

Quite a few tourists from Taiwan and Hong Kong talked to practitioners and many of them also signed the petition against the persecution. One of them told the practitioners that one of his relatives had an organ transplant in Mainland China.

Some Germans who signed the petition mentioned that they just learned from the media yesterday that a Chinese civil rights activist became physically disabled after being attacked by Chinese police officers. For them, it is something they cannot tolerate, as the Chinese regime has also dealt with Falun Gong practitioners so cruelly. As a German, they thought it stands to reason to sign the petition so as to put an end to these atrocious acts.

People signing the petition to stop the persecution Re-enactment of harvesting organs from living humans in China People signing the petition against the persecution of Falun Gong

Julia, a psychiatrist who lives in Munich, told our reporter that her affection for China dates back to several decades ago as she was once enthusiastic about communism and Maoism, but she came to realise the intrinsic nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the wake of the Great Cultural Revolution and a series of other movements. Though it was a long, painful and sad journey, she finally learned the truth about the CCP. As a result, she truly believes in the reports about what is going on in China (referring to harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners). She also expressed her support for Falun Gong practitioners and wished them success.

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