Leads Pointing to Illegal Organ Transplants: Media Expose the Illegal Organ Transplant Market in Shenyang, China

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Since the exposure of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) crimes of removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and cremating their bodies to destroy the evidence, the Falun Dafa Association and Minghui/Clearwisdom website have launched the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG)," and is collecting evidence from all sources. Please find below recently discovered information. We sincerely hope that people will step forward and expose the cruel killing of Falun Dafa practitioners, as well as the collusion among all forced labour camps, prisons and hospitals in China, to thus help stop the persecution.

1) Media Expose the Illegal Organ Transplant Market in Shenyang of Liaoning Province

The Liaoshen Evening Paper published an article, "Female Patient Strolls in Expo Garden after Heart Transplant" on May 23rd, 2006. The article was a clear sign of the illegal organ transplant market in Shenyang.

"In May of 2005, Ms. Wu from Shanghai suddenly suffered heart problems while visiting Shenyang, and her life was in danger. In order to save her life, Shenzhou Hospital (former Shenyang Medical Institute No. 2 Hospital) decided to perform heart transplant surgery immediately. They found a matching donor within a short time. On the morning of May 20, Ms. Wu had a heart transplant. ... One year later, Ms. Wu came to Shenyang again, ... the experts at Shenzhou Hospital did a full checkup on Ms. Wu."

Since the exposure of the CCP's crimes of removing organs from live Falun Gong practitioners, the CCP media have published many reports regarding organ transplants, including such information as "free organ transplant," "voluntarily donated organs," "family donates organ" and so on, to deceive people, mislead the public and cover up its crimes. However in New England of the United States, the general waiting period for a kidney is around three to seven years. Patients waiting for a heart transplant have to wait even longer.

This article does not mention the details of the donor and surgeon who operated, but it does say a patient from Shanghai suddenly suffered heart trouble in May of 2005, and Shenzhou Hospital was able to perform the heart transplant for her on the morning of May 20th. The hospital found a compatible donor and completed the surgery for an emergency patient from another city within the short space of approximately ten days. Everything happened so rapidly. This point alone is enough to suggest that there is a large illegal organ market in Shenyang.

2) Chen Rongshan of Jinzhou City People's Liberation Army 205 Hospital Has Performed 568 kidney transplant surgeries

Investigation shows that the Urology Department of Jinzhou City People's Liberation Army 205 Hospital has performed kidney transplant surgeries during recent years. Its advertisement says that its Urology Department is "the biggest organ transplant centre and Hemodialysis Centre in Liaoxi. It performed over 40 successful kidney transplants on the average per year and that the surgery success rate is 100%." Relating to the organ harvesting from live Falun Dafa practitioners, what does "over 40 kidney transplants" each year mean?

Our reliable internal source alleges that this Urology Department can find a liver donor for patients within a week. On May 23rd, 2006, page B4 of the Liaoxi Business Paper published an article promoting the chief of this Urology Department and director physician, Chen Rongshan. The article boasts that Chen Rongshan "has performed as many as 568 kidney transplants in recent years, with a success rate of 100%. The first-year kidney survival rate is as high as about 98%, and has achieved the highest success rate in the international organ transplant arena. His specialised technology is recognised throughout Liaoxi. Patients admire him and come from everywhere. He even had patients from Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and other countries." It is obvious that finding a live donor in about a week and performing 568 kidney transplant surgeries indicates that Chen has access to a large living organ bank, a killing machine for the CCP regime.

The articles also mentions two kidney transplants. In April of 2002, a patient with kidney disease was at death's door. Chen was ready immediately to perform a kidney transplant. According to the report, "The patient was for 10 days under special care and the kidney transplant surgery was successful. A dying patient regained their life. For this Chen was recognised as a transplant specialist." The other case happened at the end of 2002. Chen Rongshan performed a kidney transplant for a patient from Shandong, "Finally, his surgery was extremely successful." However, while one life "regains life" with "great success," wasn't another life, most likely a Falun Gong practitioner's life, taken?

We have investigated and collected evidence for several days. According to a witness, in 2001, this hospital performed five kidney transplants, one after the other. Our witness was one of them. The other four people died soon after the operation. Only she survived because she practises Falun Dafa. In autumn of 2004, a young woman in her 20s from Jinzhou had a kidney transplant in the 205 Hospital. The hospital said that the donor was a prisoner in a forced labour camp in Panjin. The doctor said this prisoner was over 20 and very healthy. The patient asked the doctor, "How long will it take to get the live kidney?" The answer was, "Half a day." She also recalled that during the two to three days of her hospital stay and surgery, this hospital transplanted four to five kidneys. Another person testified that in the month of February, 2006, four kidney transplant surgeries were done in this hospital. One of the patients was the principal of Jinzhou City Taihe Hospital, called Li Wei. He spent 60,000 yuan for the kidney transplant, but died after over a month. Afterwards, Li Wei's relatives and friends were all surprised about the fast speed of his kidney transplant (completed within a week), but were even more shocked by his sudden death.

We are still investigating more facts.

We allege that the above instances show that Jinzhou 205 Hospital is using organs from live Falun Dafa practitioners for transplant surgeries. They are committing monstrous crimes!

We call on people worldwide to immediately use all means to stop Jinzhou 205 Hospital from brutally killing Falun Dafa practitioners.

Relevant Units' Phone Numbers:
Switchboard: 86-416-2963880
Uropoiesis Surgical Department: 86-416-2963479, 86-416-2963459
Clinic: 86-416-2963454
Chief: 86-416-2963451
Medicine Factory: 86-416-2963457
Prescription Room: 86-416-2963452
Information Directory Desk: 86-416-2963114

(Please note when making calls: when calling the switchboard, after two rings, dial the extension number immediately; otherwise within five seconds the phone call will automatically be diverted to the duty office.)

3) Qinduankou Prison in Hubei Province Beat Falun Dafa Practitioners, Suspected to Participate in Organ Harvesting

Officer Xiao Wenhua of Qinduankou Prison in Hubei Province instigated Strict Discipline Team prisoner Wang Zhonghua to beat Falun Dafa practitioner Zhou Jiangang. Wang said, when telling other prisoners to beat Zhou Jiangang: "You can beat him anywhere, but not the lower back [where the kidney is located]."

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