Canada: Team Seeks Unrestricted Fact-Finding Trip to China for Investigation into Organ Seizing from Falun Gong Prisoners

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June 22, 2006

Ottawa, Canada - Hon. David Kilgour, J.D., former Secretary of State (Asia Pacific) of Canada, and David Matas, international human rights lawyer, have been pushing for a fact-finding trip to China after they launched an investigation into organ seizing from Falun Gong prisoners in China. One of the team is to discuss a possible visit and terms and conditions of the trip with a Chinese Embassy representative in Ottawa, Canada this Friday.

"The two of us would like to go under conditions which will allow the unrestricted inquiries necessary to fact-finding. We'll soon see what they'll offer," said Matas, "There's no point in just having a show tour where they decide what we see and whom we talk to."

The team is writing up its report for release in early July after weeks of research, evidence verification, and witness interviews in Canada and the United States.

"There is already much to study in the knowledge of witnesses in Canada and USA who have spoken openly to us, and persuasive material already available", said Kilgour.

For more information, contact

David Kilgour: (613) 747 7854, [email protected],

David Matas: (204) 944-1831, [email protected]

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