Li Huiqi Paralysed and Mentally Unstable from Torture in Shijiazhuang Labour Camp

The Hebei province "610"1 office along with Shijiazhuang labour camp tortured Li Huiqi during her illegal detention. She is in critical condition. Her whole body is paralysed and she has had a tracheotomy. She has to breathe via a tube and her mind is unclear. During the few moments she is clear, all she can feel is excruciating pain all over. She is in a near vegetative state. On December 3rd, 2002, the labour camp inhumanly put Li Huiqi, whose life was in danger, into a hospital and never cared about her. Her older sister had to take her home to care for her. Li Huiqi has been suffering for 5 years. Her case is clear evidence of the cruelty of Hebei "610" terrorism and Shijiazhuang labour camp.

Li Huiqi was born in 1967 and worked at Shijiazhuang paint factory in Hebei province. On December 2nd, 2001, she was abducted by police in Shijiazhuang city to the Weiming street security office while exposing the persecution near her work place. She was detained at Shijiazhuang First detention centre for two months. On February 2nd, 2002, she was sentenced to one year in prison and detained in the Fourth Team of the Second Division of the Shijiazhuang labour camp.

While in detention, Li Huiqi was in critical condition several times due to the torture. Her health deteriorated and her organs started showing signs of failure. Even under these circumstances, the labour camp refused to release her. Her family went to visit her. They demanded to see her and asked to bail her out for medical treatment, but all of their demands were rudely turned down. Qiao Xiaoxia from the Second Division of the Fourth Team in the labour camp claimed, "Falun Gong followers don’t have visiting days. It’s not for Falun Gong followers!"

On April 9th, 2002, two months into her detention, she was once again in critical condition. Fearful that they would be held responsible for her death, the labour camp sent Li Huiqi to Hebei province People’s hospital First Surgical Division for urgent care.

At that time, Li Huiqi was very bony and had multiple organ failure. Her blood pressure was undetectable and she relied on a machine to breathe.

Only after ruthlessly torturing her to her last breath was her family notified and allowed to visit her in the hospital. Only then did her family get the opportunity to see her.

Li Huiqi frequently fell unconscious and struggled on the edge of life and death. Even so, the labour camp still did not stop the persecution against her and her family. While she was hospitalised, they sent five police outside the ward and three plain-clothes police inside the ward to monitor her twenty-four hours a day. They also seized the opportunity to arrest practitioners who visited her. They were afraid that their crime would be exposed and so they painstakingly blocked any news from getting out.

During her treatment, policeman Zhou Yilin twice failed to pay the medical expenses, causing the hospital to stop the treatment and her life was once again in critical condition. In order to save her, her family was forced to buy medicine at their own expense. Zhou Yilin once said furiously to the doctors and nurses: don’t try to rescue her if her life is in critical condition again.

Because Li Huiqi missed the opportunity for medical treatment while being detained, it was very difficult to treat her. When she was urgently treated at the First Surgical Division, the doctors thought it was the due to a problem in her abdominal cavity. They therefore cut open her abdominal cavity when she was extremely weak. However, they did not find anything wrong. They then stitched the incision, causing her to suffer additional pain. After the surgery, she fell unconscious, had a high fever, and experienced difficulty breathing. Later she was subjected to a "waist vertebral injection," which was hard to endure even for healthy people. Because she had difficulty breathing, they did a tracheotomy on her. Consequently, she developed a severe lung infection.

On May 30th, 2002 when Li Huiqi was transferred to Hebei province Third Hospital, she was in critical condition. The tubing blocked her airway. When they finally discovered this, she was already unconscious. She only had a heartbeat after urgent treatment for twenty minutes. Because she was extremely bony, she developed bedsores. The largest sore covered an area of 3 x 4 cm2. Such a large bedsore had never been seen before. It penetrated to the bone, causing her tailbone to become nearly exposed.

In the end, Li Huiqi was paralysed and unconscious. She had urinary tract infection, severe lung infection, sustained tracheotomy, and frequent seizures. The doctors applied emergency procedures many times. Her family prepared for her funeral three times.

On December 3rd, 2002, in such a condition, the director of the Fourth Team and policeman Zhou Yilin even left Li Huiqi in the hospital and never cared for her, using the excuse of "her [detention] time is up." Thus such a paralysed person was forcefully pushed back to her family. They single-handedly denied responsibility for the victim. They refused to have her treated and discontinued the medical treatment in Hebei Third Hospital.

Her family repeatedly contacted Zhao Jinlong, the director of labour camp. Realising that he did not have a good excuse, Zhao Jinlong avoided answering their phone calls. At last, he replied: "Her time is up. She has nothing to do with us. Her case is over." Finally, in despair, her family had to take her home on December 13th, 2002. Ever since then her family, already driven to poverty, has suffered enormous financial crisis and endless mental torture.

At present, Li Huiqi is still suffering excruciating pain that frequently causes her seizures. Her life is in great danger. Now she is completely incapable of caring for herself. Her older sister is caring for her and always stays near her.

Since Jiang Zemin started persecuting Falun Gong, Li Huiqi and her family have never been together for a holiday.
The 1st Chinese New Year (2000): Li Huiqi was detained while appealing in Tiananmen Square
The 2nd Chinese New Year (2001): Li Huiqi was abducted and detained by Shijiazhuang city’s Youyi street security office
The 3rd Chinese New Year (2002): Li Huiqi was detained and tortured at Shijiazhuang labour camp
The 4th Chinese New Year (2003): Li Huiqi was ruthlessly tortured. Her little son still did not know about his mum’s situation.
After 2004, her family was not in the mood to celebrate the New Year facing Li Huiqi, whose life is in great danger.

Long after Li Huiqi was released from the hospital, there have been police cars and police near her home to monitor and follow her. Even now there are still plain-clothes police hired by the 610 office to stay near her home to make sure their crimes are not exposed. They constantly harass Li and her family. The most recent harassment occurred on May 20th, 2006. No one cared about Li Huiqi’s life. At present the killers are still free in Shijiazhuang and continue to commit wrongdoings.

Phone numbers of the criminals

Zhao Jinlong, the director of Shijiazhuang labour camp: 86-13930122752;
Zhou Yilin, police of 4th team in labour camp: 86-13011597691;
Qiao Xiaoxia, police in 2nd division of 4th team: 86-1301323021;
Li Yong, instructor of 4th team;
Shijiazhuang city 610 office: 86-311-86686701;
Hebei Province 610 head: Wang Yongzhi office: 86-311-87906580


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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