Russia: Introducing Falun Gong to the People of the Far East

On June 26th, 2006, another group of practitioners went to a city in the Far Eastern area to introduce Falun Gong to local people and expose the persecution in China.

Practitioners went to a building site where Chinese men were working to talk to them. The Chinese workers were very glad to meet practitioners and looked carefully at the display boards. They talked with practitioners and many of them accepted leaflets. On the building site over three hundred leaflets were handed out.

One could see many Chinese workers were earnestly reading the Nine Commentaries, an editorial published by the Epoch Times newspaper. Chinese workers waved to practitioners with the Nine Commentaries in their hands, a few workers sat around an office desk and carefully read the Nine Commentaries and the Epoch Times; practitioners also distributed the Nine Commentaries and Falun Gong leaflets to people in vehicles and workers along the road side. Practitioners determined to be more diligent and save more precious Chinese people.

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