Germany: Cultural Carnival Day in Bielefeld

On Saturday June 10th, just as a year ago, Bielefeld held a kilometre long cross-town carnival parade. People enjoying the festival could be seen everywhere on the streets. Not only locals, but also people from surrounding areas had come to enjoy the festivities and the town was filled with people.

While strolling along the very long pedestrian zones, passers-by had the opportunity to pass by a Falun Gong information booth, erected by the town’s practitioners. They could find out about the human rights situation in China. Between shopping and waiting for the parade, they found time to hear about the on-going persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Many had the chance to talk with local practitioners about the terrible suppression of the meditation practice and could form their own opinion. People could learn from the different pictures and photos, a reenactment of torture methods and from the fliers about the persecution of Falun Gong.

Many signatures were collected that day and many long discussions took place. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ruthlessly destroyed the cultural heritage of China, as well as damaging the morality of the Chinese people. They treat the Chinese people cruelly without a second thought to the losses to the country.

Over ninety million Falun Gong practitioners have suffered much harm and misery since July 1999. Many people are still taken to and imprisoned in slave labour camps, where they suffer under horrible conditions and are miserably exploited as free slave labour. Others suffered inhuman torture without any visible reason.

Festival goers asked over and over again, “Why?” Why this persecution that perpetrates all levels of society? Now, given this opportunity in Bielefeld, more and more people had the opportunity to hear about this, and about what is hiding behind the glossy and developing façade of China. They could read on the fliers about the country where “human rights are still violated.”

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