Report from the National Falun Gong Study Weekend in Ireland

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On March 2nd and 3rd, practitioners in Ireland held their first National Fa [principles of Falun Gong] Study. It was the first genuine Fa study held in Ireland and the first time Irish practitioners met since the founding of the Irish Falun Dafa Association. Approximately 20 practitioners attended and read together.

After studying the Falun Gong teachings, practitioners discussed many issues. We talked about how to clarify the truth more effectively, especially to the precious Chinese people, and how better to tell people in Ireland about Falun Gong. Preparations were also made for the 2nd Irish National Fa Study.

Before the national Fa study, many practitioners felt isolated from each other, and many problems had surfaced. Afterwards, practitioners felt a deeper connection between each other, with many attachments, notions, karma and interference dissolved. We now feel that we can progress better together as a whole group.

Group practice

Group discussion after reading Teacher Li’s new articles

Falun Dafa Practitioners in Ireland

March 4th, 2002

* * *

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