UK Parliamentarians Denounce the Chinese Communist Party’s Human Rights Abuses

The following statements of support were sent to UK Falun Gong practitioners’ press conference to mark seven years of persecution by the Chinese Communist Party.

“I share your concerns about human rights and religious freedoms in China. The treatment meted out to Falun Gong practitioners is particularly disturbing.

The British Government must ensure that it does not allow trade and diplomatic considerations to blind it to the desperate situations many Chinese face. These are not issues that can be ignored indefinitely.”

Susan Kramer
Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park

“As we approach the next Olympic Games, we should all call upon China to respect freedom of conscience and expression, to free all political prisoners, to end forced labour and to ensure justice for all, including humane treatment for refugees and asylum-seekers.”

Lord Hylton

“I believe that the Falun Gong movement is no threat to the PRC. I believe that the treatment of Falun Gong members by the PRC and the Communist Party is a disgrace. China seems set to become a great nation. It is time that it had the self-confidence to allow religious diversity. It cannot be an equal partner amongst the nations of the world as long as the evil persecution of religious minorities is allowed to continue.”

Roger Helmer MEP

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