Understanding the Truth, Workplace Leaders choose not to Celebrate Birthday of the Chinese Communist Party

Falun Dafa practitioners in my town have been keeping up with clarifying the truth to the teachers and staff at my workplace, and persuading them to quit the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) three political organisations. Meanwhile, overseas practitioners make phone calls to expose the lies and slander spread by the CCP. As a result, the leaders at my workplace developed a deep positive impression of Falun Dafa practitioners who spread the practice, protect the practice, and clarify the truth. During their business trips to Hong Kong and Macao they also met practitioners. All of the people at my work - from the top leaders down to the regular staff - basically understand that Falun Dafa is good. In fact, many of them have quit the CCP.

As a result, as of July 1st, the leaders in my workplace have taken no action at all towards even acknowledging the CCP’s birthday. Before, there were always celebrations. Instead, they earnestly did what they were supposed to do.

"Learning Falun Gong is the righteous way"

Zheng is over 50 years old and is the manager of a ballroom. After understanding the truth regarding Falun Dafa, she spreads it to everyone that she meets, and clarifies the truth even deeper to the police visiting her ballroom. At one point, the police asked her whether she was a Falun Dafa practitioner. She said: "I haven’t started practising it yet. I know that I would do even better if I were a practitioner." Her husband said: "We should walk the righteous path, and learning Falun Gong is the righteous path."

Family Members Eventually Understand the Truth

Zhang Ming is a family member of a Falun Dafa practitioner. He was severely poisoned by the evil party’s lies and was hostile towards the practice. Under this delusion he committed a lot of interfering acts towards Falun Dafa, forbidding everyone to even mention the words 'Falun Dafa'. However, after several attempts by practitioners who benevolently clarified the truth , he eventually understood what was going on. Now, not only he has declared to void all the wrongdoings against Falun Dafa that he committed before, but he has even invited relatives and friends for dinner, using his very limited income, to let them hear the truth and quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations. Now Zhang Ming himself is also reading Falun Dafa books. He commented, "What is taught in Zhuan Falun is really good."

Sentient Beings Awaken and Aspire to Learn the Truth

After learning the truth regarding the persecution, a villager of Shenzhou, Hebei, is very sympathetic toward Falun Dafa practitioners. He even cries for the practitioners who firmly hold onto their belief while suffering brutal persecution. He voluntarily gives suggestions to practitioners on ways to expose and stop the persecution. When he heard that village officials had sent people to tear down Falun Dafa materials, he demanded, "Who tore it down? I will talk to him!"

His son works in a police department. He told his son that the CCP harvests organs from live Falun Gong practitioners for huge profits. At first, his son did not believe him, but he then took some materials to his son tat explained the facts in detail. He also asked his son if he could install a satellite dish for him. He wants to enable his son to hear another voice and stop him from being fooled by the CCP media, so that he would start to live as a sensible person. After learning the truth, his son accepted the request from his father.

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