United States: Anti-Torture Exhibit in Boston Awakens Consciences of Government Workers and Employees of Local Businesses

According to the conclusion of a Canadian independent investigation, allegations that the CCP has massively harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, who have been detained and imprisoned so as to make huge profits, are true. In order to expose the CCP's brutal atrocities, about a hundred Falun Gong practitioners held an anti-torture exhibit during the World Transplant Congress 2006 held in Boston. They called on all levels of government in the United States to pay attention to and immediately stop the CCP's brutal persecution.

Anti-torture exhibit exposes the CCP's live organ harvesting The stark contrast between the CCP's brutality and Falun Gong's peacefulness
Looking at display boards to learn the truth Falun Gong practitioner clarifies the facts to a passerby

The anti-torture exhibit was set up between the city hall, JFK Federal Office Building and many commercial and financial buildings. Many staff members of the government and businesses had an opportunity at lunchtime or after work to see the anti-torture exhibit. They were shocked after learning the truth. A staff member of the federal government said that this is the biggest news in Boston. After work, he would make a phone call to the Boston Globe newspaper. A person in charge of real estate revenue at the Boston city government looked carefully at the display boards, and also requested a big pile of materials to take back for his subordinates. He also suggested practitioners deliver the truth clarification materials to other departments of the government.

Many people learned about the truth and cried at the scene. They expressed their wish to help persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China. Some of them wanted to buy Zhuan Falun, some started to read Zhuan Falun on the spot. A religious group said, "We will pray for Falun Gong."

A person from Haiti, saw Falun Gong practitioners' effort in exposing the persecution and said, "This is the first time in my life that I see hope."

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