Australia: Spreading the Fa in the Small Town of Esk

Esk is a small town in Queensland. It is 100 kilometres from Brisbane. The Annual Multi-Cultural Festival on July 29, 2006 is an important date for local residents. Many people attend, making the usually quiet town very busy.

Exercise Demonstration Learning the truth

Practitioners came to Esk early in the morning to set up the booth and canopy. The residents of Esk are very kind but they didn't know very much about Falun Gong or the persecution. Practitioners clarified the truth to the organiser and asked for a chance to introduce Falun Gong to everybody onstage. The organiser learned the truth and said: "I understand that what you are trying to do is very important. Although our schedule is full, I will find some time for you."

After their performance, many people went to the practitioners' booth for more information about Falun Gong. They were shocked when they learned about the persecution and the Chinese Communist Party's crime of harvesting organs from living practitioners. Many of them signed names to support anti-persecution efforts.

One woman said that this brutal crime is unacceptable. With tears, she helped practitioners to collect signatures.

A gentleman said, "Your group is the greatest. We really wish you good luck and we believe that you will succeed one day."

Some citizens asked for more materials. They said that they were willing to help practitioners to pass out the materials so that more people will learn the truth.

Practitioners performed on waist drums and did exercise demonstrations, while others kept collecting signatures. Most of the tourists accepted the materials. Some of them wanted to learn more, so practitioners told them about Falun Dafa websites

Although practitioners were exhausted at the end the activity, they all felt very happy that many people learned the truth.

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