Serbia: Practitioners from Serbia and Bulgaria Introduce Falun Dafa to the People of Belgrade

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Thousands of flyers and other information about the essence of Falun Gong, about the persecution in China and the continuing repression by the Communist regime against the practice, were given by Serbian and Bulgarian practitioners in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. The event was held with the permission of the Belgrade police and was organised in the very centre of the city in front of the National Museum, Republic Square, on July 29th, 2006,

People come on their own to learn about Falun Gong and tale a flyer

A billboard with photos of the practice all over the world was set up next to the booth with information material. Practitioners demonstrated the five exercises and explained the facts about the persecution to people. Many people came on their own to ask what the practice is, why it is persecuted in China, and when heard that the evil Communist party persecuted the practitioners in China, the nodded in agreement, that this cannot continue. There were some people that asked to sign a petition, because they knew about Falun Gong from other countries.

Serbia was also influenced by Communism under the Tito regime, but according to some citizens of the country, that was not Communism, but a dictatorship, already left in the past. However, people know perfectly well what communism is all about and many of them condemned the persecution of Falun Gong.

On Republic Square in Belgrade

The next day, practitioners did the exercises in the central park Kalemegdan, where they also showed posters and flyers. Some people came to learn the exercises and exchanged contact information with the local practitioner.

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