Investigation Leads: Doctor Admits That People’s Hospital of Tianjin City Uses Organs Harvested from Living Persons

After the organ-harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party was exposed, it caused wide-spread concern around the world. The following questions were asked of a doctor from the People’s Hospital of Tianjin City:

Inquirer: Can our People’s Hospital do organ transplants?

Doctor: Yes.

Inquirer: How about technical problems?

Doctor: No problem.

Inquirer: Is it a routine operation?

Doctor: It is routine.

Inquirer: Are they organs from living persons?

Doctor: Of course.

Inquirer: Where are the donors from?

Doctor: We have contact with courts and prisons.

Inquirer: If they are death row inmates, after the execution, won’t the organs die quickly?

Doctor: They are executed, but they are not dead. The organs are then harvested. The operation only takes a little over 10 minutes. The organs are put into a plastic bag with water and taken away quickly.

Inquirer: According to Chinese traditions, it is a big taboo for a dead person to not have an intact body. Isn't that hard for people to accept? The inmates or their family members would not agree to that.

Doctor: You don’t know the darkness behind all this. The only thing the family members see is the ashes.

Inquirer: How much does it cost?

Doctor: For a kidney, fifty thousand yuan will be sufficient if you have medical insurance.

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