Austria (Part I): The First “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” Art Exhibition Held at Castle Kornberg

The first of Austria’s ten planned “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance” art exhibitions was held at Castle Kornberg, which is located in Austria’s State of Steiermark. The location was not far from Austria’s culture capital Graz. The dates were Thursday 11th to Sunday May 14th. The castle is privately owned, and sits on a hill, surrounded by meadows and forests an idyllic location. It is a popular tourist location.

When we made inquiries for a suitable place for the exhibition, an organiser of another event had just cancelled its commitment. We displayed a total of forty paintings on easels throughout five rooms. During the opening of the exhibition seven members of a Falun Dafa practitioner’s choir sang beautiful songs.

A senior representative of ARS CARA, an Austrian art association, founded a few years ago, gave the opening speech. A representative of the Steiermark provincial government spoke on behalf of the Landeshauptmann (similar to the governor) of Steiermark.

To bring some enjoyment between the speeches, a performance of guitar music with flute accompaniment could be heard. After the interlude, Ms. Katharina Grieb, president of the Austrian International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) gave a speech. The focal point of her impressive speech was the barbaric organ harvesting on life Falun Gong practitioners. Afterwards, the chorus sang “De Du.”

The owner of the castle spoke a few words at random, such as, “What the Communist Party is dealing with here is a five thousand year old tradition. I believe that they are no match for their perceived “adversary.” She is very connected to China, and has studied qigong in China. She had lived for some time with friends in China.

Finally, Volker Dietz from the German preparation committee of the international “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance” art exhibition gave the guests a tour of the exhibition and commented on the pictures.

Due to a newspaper article a day earlier, many people visited the exhibition. Two ladies traveled over a hundred kilometres after reading the article.

The castle hosted a wedding party on Saturday for which music was to be played in the castle courtyard. When the musicians were arranging their musical instruments in the art exhibition halls, the sky became dark with black rain clouds. Shortly after the musicians moved to a castle cellar, quite removed from the rooms of the exhibition, the sky lightened again. Therefore, the exhibition could be continued in dignified surroundings.

Quotes from the Guest Book:

“An impressive and at the same time a sorrowful exhibition” by Katharina Grieb, Austrian ISHR.
“Many thanks for the exhibition on behalf of the Landeshauptman Franz Voves” by Labg. Bgm. Franz Schleich.

“Hoping that this exhibition will encourage many to hold the true values of life in esteem!”

“Many thanks for the precious exhibition truth will always win in the end!”

“Finally the truth about the horrors of our times perpetrated against peaceful humans! Artistic success! Wishing continued success.”

“I wish those people who work towards human rights all the strength and perseverance needed!” Count Bardeau.

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