Austria: International “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” Art Exhibition at Castle Schlaining

June 29th, 2006

From May 15th until May 19th, 2006, the Austrian Arts and Cultural Exchange Society ARS CARA, arranged at the European Museum for Peace, located in Castle Schlaining in Burgenland [a state in Austria, translated as land of the castles], the international “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" art exhibition, under the theme “Art for Human Rights". ARS CARA had asked for the exhibition to come to Austria and arranged nine exhibitions between May and June 2006. Castle Schlaining was the second exhibition after Castle Kornberg in the State of Steiermark.

Mayor Alfred Rohr and Member of the Parliament Doris Prohaska opened the exhibition with the words “Schlaining, with its Castle of Peace is the ideal location for such an exhibition.” Volker Dietz, a member of the exhibition organisation team for the international exhibitions explained the individual works of art.

Alfred Rohr, the Mayor of Schlaining, and Doris Prohaska, Member of Parliament opened the exhibition at the Castle of Peace in Schlaining

The Austrian members of the European Falun Gong Choir sang and the musicians Birgit Zettauer and Alexander Sieber provided musical accompaniment during the opening ceremony

The exhibition at Castle Schlaining received great interest. A banner, hanging from one of the windows, invited the visitors to view the exhibition. Many visitors to the castle passed on their tour through the castle the exhibition hall. The sponsors invited them cordially to view the exhibition. The pictures were displayed in two large and one smaller hall. The exhibition was divided into three sections, “The Beauty of Cultivation,” “Uncompromising Courage,” “Call for Justice,” and “Achieving Justice.”

The visitors were visibly moved by the paintings. Most of the visitors had never heard of Falun Gong and its persecution. The paintings were a great tool to tell the true situation in great detail. The visitors could see the beauty of the cultivation system, the harmony and peaceful behavior of the practitioners, which conduct they had attained by reading “Zhuan Falun”, the main book of Falun Gong, and practicing the exercises. This helped the visitors understand the reasons behind the practitioners’ courage and ability to withstand persecution peacefully such a long time.

The visitors also learned from the paintings that were shown under the theme “Call for Justice” and “Achieving Justice” about the manifold and wide ranging activities undertaken by the practitioners in an effort to achieve an end to the persecution. At the same time it could be easily understood that every action that was employed against such injustice made sense, and that goodness was rewarded with goodness and evil was rewarded with evil. Moreover, the visitors could realise quickly, after viewing the torture re-enactments, which were displayed in a separate room, the heinous and inhuman character of the Chinese Communist regime.

People Were Deeply Touched and Expressed Their Thoughts in the Guest Book:

“An exhibition, which not only shows artistic value, but also deeply impresses the viewer! But, the most important point is that this is an exhibition that must reach without doubt many people, so it will shake up and change the worlds’ people!! We wish you much success and our deepest appreciation for bringing this exhibition to the City of Schlaining.” Doris Prohaska, member of the Parliament.

“Deeply impressive exhibition that prompts intense thoughts. Very sad, that one cannot be just human in this world.”

“I will, as representative and editor of Burgenland’s cable television, organise an actual account of this private viewing. My heart felt compliments to the artists who illustrated the happenings so life like on paper! Thank you also to these people who work for other people and their rights!”

“Very informative – a different perspective.”

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