Taiwan: Hundreds of Mid-Taiwan Falun Gong Assistants Gather for Fa-Study and Sharing

On September 9th-10th, Falun Dafa assistants from five counties and cities from the middle region of Taiwan participated in group Fa-study and sharing at National Chung Hsing University. Attendees treasured the precious group study and sharing time by looking inside, measuring their cultivation states, and sharing experiences of how to do well the three things. The assistants encouraged each other to create a better cultivation environment for the mid-Taiwan region.

Two-day Fa-study and experiences sharing conference for Falun Dafa assistants of Mid-Taiwan region

The practitioners studied Master Li's recent Fa-teachings on the peaceful and quiet campus of Chung Hsing University. Many practitioners shared in their speeches that one must study the Fa more when busy so as to walk well on the path of cultivation.

Mr. Huang from Taichung shared that he used to like reading all kinds of books before learning Falun Dafa. Since practising Falun Dafa, he studied the Fa every day and still felt he needed more time to read the book. He threw away his other books. He used every chance to clarify the truth to his relatives. Fa-study gives him the wisdom to do well. Many times, he felt his wisdom came from the Fa when he was clarifying the truth.

Mrs. Lin shared her experience of cultivating Falun Dafa. On one occasion she was hit by a big truck. Her body flew a long way through the air before hitting the ground. Her husband at that time thought his wife must be dead, but she immediately remembered one sentence from Zhuan Falun:

"We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Zhuan Falun)

An elderly lady in her 60's was hit that hard, but she immediately stood up and thought, "It's nothing. I am fine." In the end, she had no injury at all.

Senior practitioner Mr. Chen from Dali previously had cancer. He had surgery to take out the tumor, but later the cancer reappeared in his brain. The doctor told his family that he had about three months to live. Later, he went to the practice site to do the exercises with other practitioners. At the beginning, he was so sick that he could hardly say any words clearly. But he persisted in practising and studying the Fa. He remembered what Master taught him. To send forth righteous thoughts he wrote the verses on a piece of paper and read it repeatedly. Though he forgot it immediately after reading it, he didn't give up. Later, he went back to the hospital for a medical examination. The doctor found that the tumor was shrinking and the cancer didn't spread. So the doctor asked him what treatment he took. He said he was doing exercises. The doctor asked what exercise it was. He said it was Falun Gong exercise. The doctor said it was a miracle. Mr. Chen became energetic and can now talk loudly and clearly.

Other practitioners shared their experiences of clarifying the truth in New York City's Manhattan and in Hong Kong.

The two-day Fa-study and sharing concluded successfully.

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