Public Display of Falun Gong in Warsaw, Poland

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Falun Gong Activities in Poland

On 22 and 23, February, a group of practitioners from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada and Sweden got together with a local Polish practitioner to participate in Falun Gong activities in the capital Warsaw. Falun Gong has just recently emerged in Poland, so help from practitioners outside Poland is welcomed. The situation in Poland is not easy, since quite a lot of people were deceived by the Chinese propaganda into believing that we are some kind of sect. When we did the exercises near the busy metro station, for most of them it was the first opportunity to see Falun Gong "live". Despite their reserved mentality, quite a lot of pedestrians stopped at our place and asked for information.

Since Poland is a country with strong Christian tradition, quite a few people were concerned whether we are some kind of new religion trying to undermine their traditional beliefs. But when we clarified to them that our primary goal was to inform them about the evil persecution in China and that we did not intend to "drag them away" from their religion, most of them were able to accept it.

Reported by Practitioner from Slovakia

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