The Importance of Cultivating Without Seeing or Hearing Supernormal Phenomena

Below is only my personal opinion and understanding.

There are a lot of Falun Gong practitioners whom wish to see or hear something specific so that they can walk their path more righteously. In fact, seeing or hearing something specific has indeed enabled many practitioners to do things more efficiently. However, being able to see or hear some things actually also limits our understanding of Falun Dafa. Many more people are cultivating without their Third Eyes open. For many people, it is very important to cultivate in such a way.

We all know that Teacher rectifies the Fa in order to save the universe and sentient beings. We also know that what made Fa-rectification necessary is that every level of the universe became impure to a different extent and such impurities are directly related to the safety of this universe. Solving the problem of any one level cannot solve the fundamental problem for the whole. Not being limited by what can be seen in a particular level is thus important in many cases. The establishment and existence of the Three Realms itself carries significant meaning at many levels.

Another important point is that no matter what reasons caused most of us to cultivate without seeing or hearing anything supernormal, we should not hope to see anything supernormal in this final stage of Fa-rectification, because we cannot get what we want just by hoping for it. We must cultivate more diligently until we are qualified to see or hear supernormal things. We then naturally break through the obstacles arranged by the old forces and reach the state of "pursuing nothing but obtaining everything." In addition, we can use their arrangements to achieve what Teacher wants us to achieve.

As Fa-rectification moves forward in the Three Realms, the characteristics of every realm will manifest in this dimension to serve the Fa in Fa-rectification, and in turn to be assimilated to and rectified by the Fa (Law). Therefore, having their Third Eyes closed allows people to choose for themselves and show their true attitude towards Falun Dafa. This will make apparent which beings are deserving of being kept.

In reality, Fa-rectification is being done by Teacher. No being can ever fully know everything about Teacher, so cultivating "in delusion" is a matter of degree for all of us. Regardless of each of our personal situations, we should study the Fa and look towards the Fa to guide our cultivation.

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