Letter to French President Jacques Chirac from the French Falun Dafa Association

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For the attention of the President of France Jacques Chirac

Paris, October 23rd, 2006

Dear President,

Upon hearing that you would be going to China this week, we seize the opportunity to remind you of certain facts related to the persecution of Falun Gong in this country, in the hope that you would intercede again in the field of human rights.

Since July 1999, it has been seven years since practitioners of the Falun Gong cultivation way in China have been brutally persecuted. Defenders of human rights have written many reports on the topic. Lies and defamation spread by the Chinese propaganda have been successively unveiled by the international community. As for NGOs and associations, they have kept condemning these atrocities. Finally millions of petitions have been signed all over the whole to ask the Chinese regime to immediately stop this persecution which is politically motivated.

For seven years now, over 3.000 practitioners of Falun Gong have been identified as being tortured to death by the notorious “610 office” which commits crime with impunity. Thousands are still detained in psychiatric hospitals where they are tortured, hundred of thousands are still in forced labour camps where they are used as free labour while being tortured. Innumerable practitioners, men, women and children, are in miserable conditions avoiding the persecution. The very last revelation is even more horrifying and unbearable: it is the massive traffic of organs taken from living Falun Gong practitioners. Jiang Zemin’s regime calls it the best way to eliminate « the largest group of State enemies ».

For seven years now, in France, the Associations of Falun Gong have denounced theses grave crimes by the Chinese communist party, hundred of thousands of French people have signed our petitions to ask the Chinese regime to immediately stop these barbaric acts and call upon you, Mister President, to offer your benevolent help.

France has close diplomatic ties with China; its voice can be heard. But during the past years the facts have shown that dialogue does not function as we would have hoped whatever the complexity of the Chinese situation and internal conflicts between Hu and Jiang. Indeed, if France does not pass the message publicly in the presence of the media, this does not put any pressure on the Chinese regime. Time is ripe now, because this persecution was wanted and initiated by the former president Jiang Zemin. As for the new president Hu Jin Tao, does he really wish to take the responsibility for this gory affair?

The historical pages are being turned. To support human rights in China, during her last trip to China, German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited Chinese dissidents to meet with her. Chinese human rights lawyers in China, such as Gao Zhi Sheng and others have raised their voice in spite of terror and continuous pressure. Since November 2004, over 14 million of Chinese people have quit the Communist party. The Chinese regime recognizes that 87.000 social uprisings take place in China every year, which is largely underestimated according to experts, this shows that the Party is very unstable and might collapse at any moment.

We think that time has come for you, Mister President, to start a public dialogue with China. By the present letter, we call upon you again to intercede in favour of Falun Gong during your trip to China. We thank you in advance, as well as those whose lives are at risk.

Most respectful regards

Alain Tong
President of the Association

* * *

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