India: Falun Dafa is Spreading Fast Among Students in India

On January 1st, 2001, several Falun Gong practitioners from Singapore came to India to introduce Falun Dafa, and this is when I began to practice. From the very beginning of my cultivation, I can feel that Master has been guiding me. Due to Master's benevolent arrangement, Falun Dafa is spreading among students in Southern India very fast.

Teaching the exercises in schools

After talking to the principal of the public girl's school, he asked us to teach 1200 students the exercises. Although there were many people and it was very hot, students learned the exercises very seriously and peacefully.

Before we, practitioners from Canada and Sri Lanka came to this school, some of the students had been practising for two months. We asked them to share their experiences. The boy in the centre of the photo said: "Falun Dafa makes me stronger. I don't know how to say it, but the change in me is huge."

The spreading of the Fa in schools in India started with a teacher's vacation in Singapore, where she saw some people doing the exercises. She asked for more information, and she got some contact information in India. All of these look like coincidences, but we know it was Master's arrangement.

She called a practitioner after she got back to India, and invited the practitioner to her school to teach the exercises. The students in her school learned the exercises and started doing the exercises regularly. The principal of the school thought that Dafa brought good fortune to the school. For example, they didn't have any computers before, but after the students started practising, somebody donated 12 computers to them all of sudden!

A nun said: "Buddha has come to the human world."

Eighteen months later, the principal of the school invited the practitioner to her daughter's wedding, where he met one of her friends, who is the principal of a big boarding school. He invited the practitioner to teach the exercises at his school too. Since then, Master's arrangement has been carried out quickly.

At the boarding school, the practitioner first taught 300 students in 10th grade. After one semester, a miracle happened: 100% of the students passed their exams. The pass rate previously was only about 50%. The principal believed that it was a miracle that Dafa brought to them, so he started practising seriously too. Soon, the asthma that he had suffered from for 40 years disappeared. In the last four years, the students in this boarding school do the exercises for 30 minutes each morning and afternoon.

The principal of the boarding school invited the practitioner to introduce Falun Dafa at a workshop for teachers held at his school. The theme of the workshop was "How to achieve a better life via cultivating mind and physical body". Sixty teachers from different schools attended.

A practitioner talked to the organiser of the workshop, who is a teacher from a public school. He enlightened that Dafa is the truth of the universe, and obtained the Fa immediately. He changed the agenda of the workshop, because he realised that everything he planned to teach at the workshop is actually included in Dafa.

Three practitioners from Sri Lanka came to the workshop to help. It was hard for them, because they had to buy the airplane tickets. The organiser asked them if it was worth it to spend so much on the tickets just for a one-day long activity. The practitioners told him that the activity was much more valuable than the airplane tickets. This simple answer made a very deep impression so that people still talk about it even now. The organiser and other people learned the power of Dafa from this activity.

One year later, that organiser became a very diligent Dafa disciple. Due to his high social position and that of his school, he was able to quickly spread Dafa to most schools in his district. His whole family cultivates now, and they set up an exercise site for local practitioners.

Practitioners were short of manpower to handle more and more invitations to teach the exercises. Then Master made the arrangement--a practitioner who just graduated from college moved to our city to help us. Now, this practitioner regularly visits many schools to correct students' exercise movements and encourage them to study the Fa. Practitioners have visited a lot of schools, and wherever they went, they donated some Dafa books, music CDs to the library and some other materials.

Recently two practitioners from Sri Lanka and Canada came to a practitioners city to help. In four days, they visited 13 schools in 4 towns. Wherever they went, the power of the Fa opened people's hearts. The principals always arranged the exercise-teaching shortly after talking to them. We know that it was Master's arrangement. All we need to do is to maintain righteous thoughts and walk well on the path arranged by Master. All practitioners all felt very happy sharing the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" with the students. From practitioners point of view, the students are like lotus flowers, and have the chance to step onto a righteous journey.

One practitioner also had some tribulations, most of which were sickness karma - often having extreme physical pain the night before he needed to teach the exercises. It was often so painful that he felt that he could not go the next day. But, he always had solid righteous thoughts the next morning: "If you solidly believe in Master and the Fa, you can do everything." This righteous thought always eliminates the pain. The practitioner said that he knows clearly that Master is always with us.

There were many xinxing tests too. A practitioner used to be a teacher, so when he was teaching the exercises at schools, he said that some of his human notions which were formed when he was a teacher came out again. For example, he had the attachments of showing off and validating himself. But he always remind himself that all the achievements he had were actually due to Master, not himself.

So far, practitioners have introduced Dafa to eighteen thousand students in thirty five schools. When the principals and teachers learn Dafa in one school, they always pass the information around, so that the teachers in another school would invite them too. Practitioners have many invitations and got very busy, but every time they introduced Dafa to a new school, some people would obtain the Fa and become new practitioners to help them.

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