Prague Daily Monitor: March in Prague Against Human Rights Violations in China on Friday

Prague, Nov 16 (CTK) - "Organs are removed alive from imprisoned members of the Falun Gong movement in China," David Kilgour, lawyer and former Canadian State Secretary for Asia and the Pacific Area, says in a report he presented at a seminar in the Chamber of Deputies today.

Kilgour says in his report that people are killed during the removal of organs or immediately after it.

He plans to speak at a rally at Prague Castle tomorrow that will convene after a public march across Prague to raise awareness of the issue.

Kilgour mentions in his report a surgeon who allegedly removed corneas from about 2000 [Falun Gong practitioners].

He says that China has treated Falun Gong prisoners in this way since 2001. The Chinese government denies this practice.

He says that he has gathered some 18 proofs to support his claim.

According to Kilgour it is not possible to specify the number of alleged victims.

A number of family members of those who died in police custody have spoken about how the corpses of their relatives bore surgical incisions or missing body parts, Kilgour writes in his report.

Falun Gong that has its roots in ancient Chinese tradition. It was outlawed by the government in China in 1999.

The movement has allegedly hundreds of followers in the Czech Republic.

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