Chinese Embassy in Ireland Refuses to Renew Falun Gong Practitioner's Passport

My name is Zhang Qiulei. I started practicing Falun Gong in 2002.

In 2001, I came to Ireland and started a work-study programme. I am now working in an innovation group in Ireland. In April 2006, I went to the Chinese Embassy in Dublin to have my passport renewed. At that time one of staff in the Embassy first helped me go through some formalities, accepted my passport and then told me that I could come to collect my new passport in four weeks.

On the 8th of May, I went to the Chinese Embassy for my new passport. When I went to the window to get my passport, I told one of staff the reason why I was there. She simply checked and then told me: “I haven’t got your passport. Contact the person who accepted your application.” After that, she shut the counter window.

I got so confused that I went to the window where people usually submit their passports for renewal. Standing behind it was the man in charge. He told me: “Your condition is comparatively special so we can’t renew your passport. If you insist, your passport is being retained to send back to China and have it extended.” I asked, “Why? My classmates and friends, whose conditions are same as mine, all have their passports renewed. Why don’t you renew mine?” He only replied, “This is the decision made by the Embassy. Others can get theirs but you can’t.”

I continued, asking: “Tell me the reason why you can’t extend my passport.” He could not give me any reason and just stood there umming and aahing. He told me: “We just can’t extend your passport.” He also looked embarrassed. His only explanation was “We do official business according to official principles.” Finally I had to leave the Embassy without my passport.

In the past months since I submitted my passport, the Chinese Embassy in Ireland has deprived me of the most basic right of being a Chinese citizen without any reason or explanation.

Because I was refused passport renewal unjustifiably, it has brought me great difficulties in both my work and living situation. It has caused me lose my legal status so that I can not travel anywhere. Although it has put me in a difficult position when I live legally in Ireland, I can not accept such an imposed persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Recently a councillor where I live has specially written a letters to the Chinese Embassy asking them to renew my passport immediately. My friends and colleagues, one after another, have also condemned the conduct of the Chinese Embassy.

At present, “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” is spreading far and wide. More and more people are considering quitting the evil CCP. More and more people with a conscience are starting to help Falun Gong practitioners. At this present time, I hope that staff in the Chinese Embassy in Ireland will think it over carefully; you will receive justice for what you have illegally done.

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