My Experience From Working For NTDTV And Discarding My Hidden Attachments

Shared at the 2006 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, Prague

Honourable Master, dear practitioners,

I’d like to contribute a little bit to meeting the goals of a Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, that is, to all improve together and do the Three things really well so I’ll try to tell you some of my experiences.

I’ll start with how I began my work for New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV). One evening I got to know that the next day there will come practitioners from America, who works for NTDTV. I was telling myself that it would be great if someone in Czech would do news for this TV, but I thought that it had nothing to do with me, because it’s too time consuming and for me, with two little children, it’s something unthinkable and impossible. In the evening one practitioner called me and was wondering why I wasn’t going to meet with them. I told myself that I could go there, that meeting with practitioners, especially those from other countries, is a very valuable opportunity.

I attended the meeting but I wasn’t thinking about working for NTDTV yet. But on the meeting one sentence of a practitioner waked me up. “I can hand out flyers on the street, that’s choice. Or I can work for NTDTV or other [practitioner’s] media and save many more people, that’s also a choice.” After the meeting I felt that working for NTDTV is very difficult and complicated and impossible in my circumstances but that I would still go ahead with it.

After a time my husband installed cutting software on our computer. I wanted to learn it but I was hindered due to thought of doubt regarding the complication involved in learning the new programmes and that ti simply didn't have time to learn. I drove away those thoughts and kept only one that I want to learn it and so I started to explore the program at night and I found that it’s not as complicated as it seems. I was surprised how I learnt to work with the program in such a short time. I started to write scripts and cut video and when I’m doing it I usually feel that I’m been energised and I don’t need to sleep as long as usual. So I found that I have time for this job, which in turn showed me that if I sincerely wish to save beings, the way would open.

At the beginning I worked on reports and gradually learnt many new things, oftentimes through mistakes. After a while there was a period when I couldn’t find a topic for a new report. I didn’t know about anything interesting or important. I realised that I’m not in a good cultivation state that I’m very tired and that I have to study the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa, more, do more exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. After I rectified that state there appeared theme for a report without need for tiring search for it.

Next I would like to mention my cultivation environment and relationship with my partner. This relationship thoroughly and repeatedly probe my character and again and again discover my shortcomings. As soon as I’m inattentive, for example I’m not enough considerate, kind or I have a notion, how to do or not to do something and my mind becomes a little attached to that notion, immediately it manifests in disharmony and if I’m not able to correct it immediately and give up the attachment, it distracts me during my work for Dafa or during studying the Fa. So I have to always be cautious.

Our children are mirroring me my deeply covered attachments, which would be otherwise very difficult to detect for me. Shortly after our second son was born, the older one, who is about one and half, started to grow jealous and was hurting the baby. It was happening for quite some time and I still didn’t know why he was acting that way. This situation showed me that I still hadn't removed my attachment to jealousy. I started to intensely eliminate those deeply covered thoughts and separate from them until I felt they were gone. After I changed myself I saw how the behaviour of my son also changed.

Every day we have opportunity to improve our character and save sentient beings. Thank you Master for that wonderful opportunity.

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