The Third Czechoslovakian Experience Sharing Conference

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On November 18th, 2006, the Third Czechoslovakian Experience Sharing Conference took place in Prague. Practitioners from many European countries gathered to share their cultivation experiences, share their understandings and also fulfil Master Li‘s dedication to last year’s Fa Conference in Prague: “Improve together, demonstrate the demeanour of Dafa disciples, do well the three things Dafa disciples are supposed to do well and ensure that our Fa conference is a success and brings results.”

In the beginning, a short film made by practitioners entitled “The Eternal Story" was shown. Everyone felt a serene and solemn atmosphere, which was present during the entire conference. The hearts of many were moved by the magnificence of Falun Dafa and the Fa rectification depicted in the movie and their were many eyes filled with tears.

Practitioners‘ accounts were about situations they encountered, solutions they found and the subsequent understanding.

One female practitioner talked about the importance of introspection and about how painful this inner search for truth may be. She also mentioned how she found out that our environment mirrors our own state of mind.

Another female practitioner talked about her work for New Tang Dynasty Television. Even though she was very busy and thought she would never be able to join this project, she listened to her heart and started to write plots, work with new software and even create television programmes on her own.

Another experience sharing was about progress in cultivation obtained through hard work in the European'Coming for You' choir. Its author was a practitioner who had never sung before but whose love for music lead him to join the choir. He discovered that practitioners all around the world are one body and that a problem of one individual practitioner seriously affects others. Only through mutual cooperation it is possible to move forward.

Still another experience was on predestined relationships arranged by Master, which guide us through our lives; even though we cannot distinguish them and all we see are just rare glimpses. This practitioner demonstrated a few examples of how Master’s predestined relationships guided him and opened the way to reveal the persecution to the public and to contribute to the Fa rectification process.

Many other experiences expressed gratitude towards Master, expressed understandings of predestined relationships, issues of progress in cultivation or practitioners‘ attitude towards emotion and family bonds.

The experiences practitioners shared with others will help us improve, provide new understandings, new views of ourselves, of the Fa rectification process and our cultivation.

* * *

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