Having Firm Belief in Teacher and the Falun Gong Teachings

Shared at the Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, China, 2006

Greetings, Revered Teacher! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

The tests during cultivation process are different. Sometimes just a bit of strong will is enough to overcome them. Sometimes the tests touch things deep inside us, which are difficult to give up. It is exactly during such tests, according to me, that the most important thing is firm belief in Teacher and in the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa.

I remember a few examples from my own cultivation. As by the end of the last year one practitioner visited me with the idea to establish our own media, a newspaper. I couldn’t believe my ears, "Newspaper? Is he all right? We have trouble doing what we’re currently doing and now there is talk of producing a newspaper? I never wrote articles for newspaper in my life! Lets start the newspaper (others) somewhere, where they have enough practitioners". As I had some time to think about it, however, I remembered Teacher’s words:

So as for the Dafa disciples in any region, you are basically the hope for the beings in that region to be saved--their only hope, in fact. The beings there need to hear the Good News, and they need to hear you clarify the facts to them so that they can understand what Dafa is. That is why Dafa disciples' responsibilities are weighty. Then you might ask, how can you do better? I think that for you, Dafa disciples, if each of you uses simply your mouth to tell the people in each region the facts, then we won't get to all of them.
(Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York, Li Hongzhi, November 21st, 2004)

I understood that my first thought was human and that practitioners can realise everything, if they have enough righteous thoughts. So, a thought for basing an own media started to grow. Because we didn’t have the courage to start a printed version right away, we decided for an internet version at the beginning. The internet version wasn’t easy either and soon we found out, that although more countries already have newspaper, each functions differently and we couldn’t get the publication system, which would allow us to publish daily news without too much work. I began to feel that this is a task, which we will have to cope with on our own. So I put aside other things, sat down, and studied the Fa. I sent forth righteous thoughts and I asked our Teacher to help us to base our own media and have a possibility to save even more sentient beings. I firmly believed that according to arrangements from our Teacher we will mange it.

Then I sat to computer and began to look for a suitable publication system. It was a bit like a play and I felt clearly guidance of our Teacher. The first system, which was suggested to me, was found to be too difficult and a bit outdated. Moreover, I couldn’t bring it to life even after a long time of trying on my test computer. I said to myself I have to search further. I tried another, it didn’t work. Next one, no work. Finally after some time one started to work, but after some tests it was clear to me that this was not what we’re looking for. It was a good system, but it was already dead, nobody worked on it any more and so I tried some more. At the end, after trying so many different systems, one system started to work and its installation was pretty simple, I had to laugh. As I looked at it, I had a feeling that this is exactly what we’ve been looking for.

It became clear to me, why did I learn for such a long time to work with scripting languages for internet pages. Without this knowledge we could only hardly start the internet version of the newspaper. I could only bow to enormous wisdom of our Teacher, who made this arrangement for us. It was enough for us to walk and keep righteous thoughts.

Soon, another problem surfaced. Where to get the news from? There were actually only two possibilities – either we will write them on our own, or we buy them partially from news agencies. So there followed discussions with press agencies. The first discussion ended rather poorly, the price for news was rather high, we couldn’t afford it at the beginning. Before I met with a man from the second agency, I sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time and I asked Teacher for help. I realised that the press agency is also a being and I said to her it was created for Falun Dafa, to help practitioners, and I asked it to remember its historic role. In my mind I also removed all interference, which could occur. The result from the meeting with the man from the press agency was very good: for a rather low price we had access to a satisfactory number of news articles and in addition a picture archive, so we didn’t have to be afraid, whether we will be able to publish a new article each day. It was really like as if there has always been a path for us, it was narrow, but it was possible to pass. Only with firm belief in Teacher and in Fa was it possible to walk it.

I remember also one recent experience, where my employer sent me for a creativity training. "Nonsense!" I thought and I tried to keep a thought, that if I am not to go there, something will prevent me from going there. Nothing prevented me. In a given week, a group of about 20 people from my work started a trip to a small hotel in the mountains, not far away from Piestany, where the training took place. Right at the beginning one of the trainers noticed my badge with the message "Stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China." He asked me about it and so I had a chance to explain to him the persecution of Falun Gong and what Falun Gong is about. This trainer, by chance, was the one who should lead our morning exercises. He said they’re not compulsory, we don’t have to come in the morning, although he would be glad if we could join him. I thought: "Pch, exercises, I hope he doesn’t think I am going to follow those ridiculous yoga-movements after him?" As I thought about it from the Fa-perspective, however, I realised this thought was not righteous. He is trying to teach the best of his, to help us, so it would not be respectful from me not to go there. So I practised together with others and I had a wish in my mind: "It would be much better if we could practise Falun Gong." I firmly decided not to follow this arrangement of the old forces and all my being started to glow a compassion towards beings and a wish to tell them about Falun Gong. I believed our Teacher has already arranged everything for us and if our thoughts will be righteous, everything can change. As we were on our way back from morning yoga-exercise, the trainer, which led the exercise, asked me, whether I want to teach them Falun Gong. I happily agreed and so during the next two days my colleagues had a possibility to learn a few Falun Gong exercises and ask me about the things they were interested in. I was very happy for them and I had a feeling that they became my colleagues because of this and perhaps they waited for this moment a long time. In my mind I thanked Teacher for this benevolent arrangement.

I think each practitioner has many such stories. The cultivation is simple, letting go of our attachments is difficult. However, if we have a firm belief in Teacher and in Dafa, all problems can be benevolently resolved.

This is only my personal understanding, if you find something inappropriate, please kindly point it out to me.

Thank you benevolent Teacher, thank you practitioners.

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