Germany: Hamburg Practitioners Expose the Crimes Committed by the CCP

Hamburg Falun Gong practitioners organised an information day on Saturday, November 2nd, 2006, in downtown Hamburg. They wanted the public to hear foremost about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners, as well about the persecution of Falun Gong.

Some of the practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises while others distributed flyers to passersby.

People could view a picture of a practitioner, who was only skin and bone due to torture, hung up in a small cage. One could listen to a recorded description of the torture methods in China’s slave labour camps, concentration camps and prisons.

Young people read the banners, telling of the cruelties committed by the CCPThe young people ask questions of a practitioner after reading the banners

A picture, depicting a face of a murdered practitioner whose organs were removed grimacing in pain was propped up on an easel. Many read the text on the poster, including parents and their children. Some people headed straight for the information table to sign the displayed petition. We find the written text on the poster an excellent method to tell the true situation. This way, people can find out about it by reading the information quietly and get to hear the most important information.

Passersby stop in front of the easel

”I already signed,” said a dainty middle-aged woman with brown hair and signed with a really legible signature. “You know, this is so horrible that I have to sign again.” An elderly man walks towards a practitioner with a happy face. He is very taken with the exercise music. He asked, “Can I get this exercise music? I really would like to have it. It is so relaxing.” It took some searching to find a CD with the exercise music. “You know,” he said, “I follow what is happening to Falun Gong already for quite some time. Falun Gong was also represented during the Carnival of Cultures. What is going on is just so awful.” His voice sounded a little gloomy.

A younger woman came by with her mother, signed the petition and said, “I have seen Falun Gong several times before. When Hu Jintao visited Hamburg, we protested next to the Falun Gong practitioners on the town hall square. We protested because of the cruelty against animals in China. I also saw Falun Gong activities during the Carnival of Culture. I must say that the re-enactment of the torture scenes made a very strong statement.”

“It is good to know that one also hears about the other side of China,” said a middle-aged German woman. “We don’t even hear about that from our Chinese relatives.” She signed the petition without hesitating.
Some Chinese tourists also passed by. We had the opportunity to give them “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.”

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