Bremer Tageszeitung (Germany): Highlighting the brutal organ harvesting and protesting against the horror of the Chinese camps

Vegesack: A German-Chinese human rights group attracted lots of attention last Saturday in the local outdoor shopping district. Activists were protesting against the forced removal of organs from political prisoners in China.

The group had erected a cage surrounding Rosa Jansohn of Ritterhude in the vicinity of the former Kramer’s department store. They explained that similar cages are used in Chinese labour camps, where enclosed inmates are partially immersed in water for hours on end. If the prisoners get too sleepy, they are likely to drown.

However, the human rights group was not only interested in highlighting the brutality of the camp guards, they were also interested in demonstrating another shocking aspect of the Chinese regime to the passing shoppers. Apparently, bodily organs are being removed from political prisoners in China, either before or after they are executed and sold for profit. The victims belong primarily to the Buddha School spiritual movement, Falun Gong, which has been persecuted by the Communist Party in China since the late nineties.

Many of the passing citizens interrupted their shopping to chat with the group surrounding Rosa Jonsohn, and appeared to be shocked about crimes occurring in Chinese camps that are hardly ever publicised in the West. Susanne Bongartz of Aumund said: “I already knew that China has no regards for human rights, although I had never heard about this business. I really think it is obscene to do business with such a country.”

The foreign office in Berlin has confirmed that the allegations made by human rights activists are not simply unsubstantiated claims made by followers of the Falun Gong movement. In response to this newspaper’s inquiries, a spokeswoman for the ministry confirmed that organ removals from prisoners are indeed happening. “The Chinese authorities claim that they have approval from the next-of-kin.” The spokeswoman further said that the topic had repeatedly been broached as part of a human rights dialogue between governments. In addition, an independent report compiled by a Canadian member of parliament and a Canadian attorney supports the existence of an organ reservoir” in Chinese labour camps.

Bremer Tageszeitungen AG 2006

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