The Journey of Taiwanese Practitioners in Portugal, Andorra and Spain

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Practitioners from Taiwan joined European practitioners to tell people the truth of Falun Gong in Portugal, Andorra and Spain.


It rained heavily for all three days when the Taiwanese practitioners were in Portugal. On the first day, there were planned activities and both local and Taiwanese practitioners braved the torrential rain to get to the city centre of Lisbon [the capital of Portugal] to distribute leaflets. Several elderly practitioners did not manage to keep up with the rest of the group when walking to the train station but they also distributed hundreds of leaflets in the quiet suburbs of Lisbon where the practitioners were staying.

The second day in Lisbon started bright and sunny but as soon as the groups of practitioners started walking to the train station, dark clouds gathered followed by a downpour. While most practitioners waited underneath a shelter for the rain to pass, two elderly ladies from Taiwan walked into the rain without any hesitation - they wanted to start making their way towards the train station early so as not to be left behind as had happened on the previous day.

The practice at a city centre square went ahead as planned and was very successful. Two journalists interviewed practitioners and took photographs amidst heavy showers, which came and went several times during the day. Everyone' trousers and shoes were soaked at least once but all were very happy upon returning from the city centre in the evening.

For several days on end, many Taiwanese practitioners only had biscuits and peanuts for supper but there were no complaints and everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm the next morning, doing exercises and giving out leaflet at squares, train stations, and airports.

A major Portuguese newspaper published an almost full page article with a big photo of the Falun Gong activities in Lisbon.


Practitioners met officials in the Foreign and Cultural Ministries to tell them about Falun Gong. They also distributed flyers to libraries, sports halls, hotels as well as handing flyers out in the streets.


Local practitioners organised a parade though the most well known pedestrian street in Barcelona. Several journalists came. There was also a candle light vigil. Leaflets were given to the EU [European Union] conference delegates near their hotels and meeting places. The street where the parade was held was packed solid with people and the parade took 2 hours to go through the street which would normally only take about 20 minutes. Huge numbers of people have seen the peacefulness of the practitioners and learned of the brutal persecution.

When returning home after the event, the young lady behind the check –in counter at the Spanish airport was very pleased to see us and recognised some of the practitioners. She said enthusiastically to her colleagues "here are the Falun Dafa we saw at Catalunya Square" She chatted with practitioners and she and her colleagues waved at us and wished us success when we left.

Just before boarding the plane, a middle -aged man smiled at passing practitioners, one of whom kindly gave him a leaflet to read. When the practitioners were queuing at the departure gate, the middle aged man rushed up and shook hands with and hugged practitioners and said "I hope China will have more freedom soon!"

Reported by Practitioner from Europe

03-21- 2002

* * *

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