Chinese Police Write A Letter of Apology to Falun Dafa Practitioners

The following letter of apology to Falun Dafa practitioners was recently received. It was written by police officers who have come to understand the truth about the practice. Fellow practitioners were moved by the awakened sentient beings in this special profession, the police force in Mainland China. As practitioners, we felt even more deeply the urgency and importance of the duty bestowed upon us. We are sending this letter to to encourage fellow practitioners to be more determined and solid in cultivation, continue to do the three things well, closely follow the progress of Teacher's Fa rectification, and greet the glorious future as it unfolds.

(For the safety of these policemen we shall not disclose their work units for the time being.)

A letter of apology to Falun Dafa practitioners.

We at the (unnamed) Police Station have persecuted many Falun Gong practitioners in days gone by, causing you to suffer untold misery and separating your families, and resulting in broken homes and devastation. All of us police officers at the station sincerely apologise to you, and we are truly very sorry. We were all forced by the Chinese Communist Party. Our senior leaders gave orders that we could not beat up the felons and criminal inmates, but for detained Falun Gong practitioners, we could beat you savagely as long as we didn't beat you to death. Now we realise how evil the Chinese Communist Party really is.

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