Support for Rally against CCP Organ Harvesting from Director of Czech NGO The Civil Institute

On November 17th 2006, the Czech People Rally and March to Prague Castle in Protest against Organ Harvesting Atrocities in China took place in the Czech Capital

Falun Gong practitioners joined the march to protest against organ harvesting in China, particularly after learning in 2006 that thousands of living Falun Gong practitioners have had their organs harvested and their bodies cremated on orders from the Chinese Communist Party. A press conference was held to accompany the march. The following is a letter of support from Mr Roman Joch Director of the Czech NGO The Civil Institute.

In 1948 the communists seized power in former Czechoslovakia. One year later they seized power in China. Mao Zedong’s Communist regime was the most murderous in human history: Mao and his regime killed more people than both Stalin and Hitler combined. They killed more Chinese than all invaders in 20th century.

In 1989 the communist regime in Czechoslovakia fortunately fell – however in China it survived at the cost of the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre.

In 2001, twelve years after that massacre, Chinese regime gained the right to host 2008 Olympic Games. Last year sixteen years after the massacre, some European countries suggested to withdraw the arms embargo, imposed on China in reaction to that massacre. Fortunately, that “suggestion”, more like from a horror movie, did not pass. But even to suggest such thing is dangerous. It was an unethical, unwise and dangerous step against European interest: unethical, because the arms, imported to China, would mean strengthening the tyranny of Chinese communists against the Chinese people; unwise, because it would mean encouraging any wild international irresponsible undertakings of that regime. Also dangerous, because the regime would be quick to abuse its power against its neighbours, like Taiwan. Of course, it would be helping the biggest dictatorship with arms supply to become a world superpower and that is naturally against European interests.

Or dare we say that the Chinese regime changed in those seventeen years? Not at all. It is not an authoritarian regime, that only abuses its political power and does not force other aspects of society under its state control. It is a totalitarian regime, that does not tolerate even the smallest part to be independent of the state control. That is why even an apolitical Falun Gong spiritual movement is heartlessly persecuted, as well as the independent Christians. The Laogai prison camps are fully comparable with the Nazi concentration camps or the Soviet gulags. Prisoners are forced to slave labour and sometimes are killed and their internal organs sold for profit to rich foreigners.

The Chinese regime is trying to do the same as Japan in the 1930’s and 1940’s: assume a hegemony in East Asia and Pacific. The first step is to conquer Taiwan, despite its partnership with the US that would be considered as US withdrawing from East Asia. The United States would want to avoid conflict with the new superpower and if they would accept the Chinese demand, then they would become their puppets as a result.

The Chinese regime is the biggest human rights abuser in the world. But China is on the way to becoming a superpower. The rise of communist China is exactly the single biggest threat for all free countries in the 21st century. In the world of intercontinental ballistic missiles it is a threat not only for East Asia, but also for the whole world: for US, Asia and also for Europe.

Chinese regime knows the Beijing Olympics in 2008 are a matter of prestige. It is the same prestige Hitler gained from Olympic games in Berlin 1936. But it took only four years to see bombs falling on Coventry. Are we to see Chinese bombs falling on Taiwan, America and then Europe?

Let’s hope that we are not. Let’s hope that freedom-loving people all over the world will take action to liberalise and finally change the Chinese regime with responsible and principal politics before it is too late: no more overlooking its crimes, no more immoral deals with China, deals that benefit only its leaders and strengthen the regime. Do Chinese leaders want to do business with the West? OK, but change your internal politics first! Allow freedom of expression and freedom of religious belief, stop the repressions and give your people the freedom they want!

Mr Roman Joch
Director of the Czech NGO The Civil Institute.

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