"I Really Admire Falun Gong Practitioners"

With Falun Gong practitioners' continued efforts to clarify the truth regarding the unlawful persecution taking place in China, more and more people have realised the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), have started to admire practitioners' courage and persistence in the face of the persecution, and have helped to spread the truth. The following is a reply from a Christian who chatted with practitioners on the Internet:

"Greetings, Ms. Yu! I am the Christian who got to know you and talked with you on MSN! Hope you still remember me. I am fine and doing well, and again, I forwarded the article full of truth and how to break Internet blockade to the homes of many people.

"Last time you asked me to believe in Falun Dafa. It made me think a lot. Many people believe in Christianity, but among all these believers, how many of them really 'practise what they preach!' Many of them willingly become fake pastors and fake volunteers helping CCP gangsters. They have even boldly lied in front of hundreds of people and God, saying that there is no religious persecution in China and that there is complete freedom of belief. They want Christians to obey the head of the Party, and they wanted us to be grateful to the Party, because they printed many Bibles for us! These shameful and dirty words are copied and distributed in large quantities. I am already immune to these words, and I leave immediately or do not even walk into the gate once I hear these words. However, the majority of people cannot resist. Once they believe these things, are they still going to believe in God? Although I am very worried about this, there is nothing I can do. In the churches controlled by the CCP, there are representatives from the Political Consultant and the People's Representative controlling the sermons. They even slander Falun Gong! These pastors are totally reprehensible to me. I am also disappointed with those Christians worshipping there. They cannot even distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong. Without knowing this, it is meaningless.

"I really admire Falun Gong practitioners. You do not give in even in such a harsh environment, you continue to act according to Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, you resist the persecution with your very lives, and you defend the truth of the universe. Your valiant acts make us ashamed. The good thing is, these days of suffering are coming to an end. The devils' days are numbered. I can see clearly that whenever I spread the truth. There are now more police cars patrolling the city I live in. Sometimes there are two police cars patrolling together! Here I want to reveal one incident to you. In 2005 at a local community in Shanghai, the leaders encouraged the general public to report Falun Gong practitioners in the neighbourhood. I hate this. They do not do anything for people; they do not build schools for those kids who cannot afford education, but they use the money to kidnap good people! Ms. Yu, I strongly support you, and I am willing to work with you to help more people learn the facts.

"Now the Internet speed is slow, probably because of the CCP's "Golden Shield" project. However, we can still launch the Renmingbao website, The Epoch Times and Secretchina websites. These are enough. I am so happy to see that the number of people that have quit the CCP has already surpassed 17 million. When the day comes that the Chinese really gain freedom and peace, I will definitely go to Taiwan to see you, and I will go to New York to watch the Chinese New Year Spectacular. These dreams will soon come true, this I am sure of.

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