NGO Chairman Speaks on the Establishment of CIPFG-Europe

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The following speech was given on February 3rd at a press conference outside the Chinese Embassy in London. The speech was by the Chairman of SHRIC, Supporting Human Rights in China. Supporting Human Rights in China, is a non-governmental organization which supports and works toward the development of human rights in China, as well as the implementation of free speech and freedom of belief in China. The press conference was held to announce the establishment of the European branch of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG-Europe). To find out more about the event, please see

As we all know the human rights situation in China has not improved in the last few years, despite a dramatic economic improvement. The enormous flow of money into the country has in fact given the communist regime more resources to carry out oppression and persecution. And the recent information about organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners makes it all the more important to put pressure on the Chinese government.

After Mr. David Kilgour and Mr. David Matas, Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China, was released, many people around the globe has showed great concern about the human rights situation in China, also members of the Swedish parliament has openly condemned this.

In the report one can read about organ harvesting from unwilling live subjects and this is carried out on a large scale in China. According to witness statements from the report, the organs are being taken while the persons are still alive and then their bodies are being cremated. Afterwards the organs are sold at high prices.

The report points out, among other things, that, some 60 000 organ transplants were carried out in China between the years 2000-2005. In 41 500 of these cases, there is no record of the origin of the organs involved.

In the report they say that, I quote: "Based on what we now know, we have come to the regrettable conclusion that the allegations are true. We believe that there has been and continues today to be large scale organ seizures from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners."

Furthermore they are encouraging all organizations at all levels, around the world to investigate this matter further.

As chairman of SHRIC, I am deeply concerned about what has come to light from this report. The findings in this report are well documented and together they give a rather frightening picture of innocent people being killed so as to make a profit of their organs.

Even though some may say the evidence is not strong enough, I would like to say that there is enough evidence to start an investigation. And this is why SHRIC has decided to join the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG) and we are looking forward to collaborating with the CIPFG .

I find it strange that this information has not been taken more serious. Looking at the overall human rights situation in China one will find what this is not an isolated incident of abuse and torture.

Ever since Tiananmen Square in 1989, where protesting students were massacred, no fundamental change has taken place in the way the Chinese government operates. There is still no move towards democracy or political and religious freedom. Dissidents are put in prison and human rights are constantly being violated.

Tibetans, Christians, Uyghur, and democratic activist are still being persecuted in China. And the severe persecution towards practitioners of Falun Gong has been well known for several years now. Taking this into consideration it is not inconceivable that organ harvesting is in fact taking place in China, and on a large scale.

But as human beings we have something inside us that do not want to believe that this can really be happening and in the 2000th century and in a country were western corporations are pouring in money so as to in fact support this kind of oppression.

The relationship between China and the rest of the world is complicated and unclear. On numerous occasions, governments all over the world have chosen to look the other way when it comes to China’s human rights violations in order to protect their trade relations and export.
But it is not too late; there is still time fore the international community to take responsibility and to show their support of the CIPFG’s investigation!

Thank you!

Chairman of SHRIC, Supporting Human Rights in China

* * *

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