UK Resident’s Sister is Illegally Imprisoned by the Chinese Communist Party

At about 12 o’clock on February 10th 2007, a dozen plain-clothed police officers from Guangzhou Police Station forced their way into and searched the house of Falun Gong practitioners Mrs Wenjian Liang and Mr Zhiyong Lin. The police wrongfully arrested the couple and five or six friends for the crime of “illegal gathering”, took them to a local police station, and later transferred them to the Panyu Detention Centre of Guangdong Province police station. At present, confirmation of their whereabouts and wellbeing is unascertainable.

This arrest was thought to be launched by the “Anti-Cult Office” of Guangzhou city and jointly implemented by the police station. None of the police that raided Mrs Liang’s home were wearing uniforms. It’s most likely that Wenjian Liang and Zhiyong Lin had been under surveillance for a long time. The home was turned upside down and their computers have been taken away to be searched for information. Zhiyong Lin’s 12 year old child was frightened by the arrest, and was left home alone with no carer. Later on the child was taken in by a relative.

Mrs. Wenjian Liang is the younger sister of UK citizen Mrs. Jane Liang. In February 2000, Mrs Wenjian Liang was illegally arrested because she practises Falun Gong and is against the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of the practice. She was been sentenced to 2 years in a forced labour camp by Guangzhou police station without any legal trial.

We are calling for the international society to help rescue Wenjian Liang and Zhiyong Lin, and to condemn the CCP’s evil conduct.

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