Germany: A Growing Number

Uta, a Falun Gong practitioner, carefully removed the Chinese number "seven" and pasted the number "eight" on the banner. The banner, then read "Support 18 Million People Quitting the CCP". Uta hung it up with the help of another practitioner who said they have held similar campaigns in Munich every few weeks over the past six months. Every time they needed to change the number but they are happy, because it means that more and more Chinese are awakening to break their ties to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

People talk to practitioners and sign their names on the petition to condemn the CCP's brutality

On February 3rd 2007, practitioners in Munich's Marienplatz Square campaigned to support 18 million people withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party, drawing the attention of locals and tourists alike. People read the posters that exposed the persecution of Falun Gong. They were shocked at what the Chinese Communists are doing, especially with regard to harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners.

"My husband and I travelled to China last year, but we did not sense any of its ancient culture. Where has the old Chinese culture from five thousand years ago gone? All its ancient culture has been sabotaged by the Chinese Communist regime." This sentiment was related by an older German couple at the exhibition table for supporting the Chinese people quitting the CCP. The couple gave their signatures asking the German government to stop the CCP's atrocities.

On the day of the campaign, many tourist groups and Chinese students studying in Germany had flocked to Marienplatz Square. Most of them were willing to take Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Some said they would look at them carefully. Others said they would quit the CCP on the spot. Some promised they would cautiously consider whether or not to quit the CCP. Others were talking about why and how to quit the CCP.

A German nurse said the reason that she signed the petition was based on her experience when she travelled to China ten years ago. At that time she felt an invisible pressure and the Communist Party made her feel uneasy. The feeling was too horrific.

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