Reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party Brought Me to My Senses

I have worked on a farm since I was thirteen. Day after day, year after year, I've kept working. Now I am over forty years old, still travelling around to make a living and not able to take one day off. Despite my efforts, I am still in debt. When our only daughter was in high school, we could not afford the tuition, and I watched her leaving the campus in tears. My heart was full of sorrow. How could this happen?

I was clear after reading Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . Our products have been taken away by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The natural resources that belong to citizens have been monopolised by the CCP using various means. For this reason, Chinese people live in poverty. We have been deceived by this wicked regime, hoping life would get better. But wishing for the bloodsucking Party to consider the benefits of citizens is just like wishing for a wicked wolf to consider the benefits of a lamb. How is that possible? Anything the CCP promises and all it's pleasing words are simply to deceive you. They will never be realised and are meant to conceal lies. The conspiracies and tactics used to maintain the lies are called "policies" by the CCP. If they mention party policy, this means it will give people a hard time and deceive them. If the CCP says that it has a new policy, that means the previous deceitful tactic can no longer fool people any longer, and it must now roll out a new deception.

Many people now see through these tactics. I once chatted with a friend working in an office about this. To my surprise, he said that I only knew a little. Current administrative and law enforcement personnel, from top to bottom, have lied, cheated, and caused corruption. It has become a trend to waste government money on gambling, food, liquor, and prostitutes. The so-called "laws" are nonsense and used to fool citizens. To reach their goals, they use any unscrupulous means and will fabricate false charges at will. Their behaviour is completely unrestrained.

My friend said that a group of people came to the Tonghua County government building a while ago. They were from the Department of Judiciary and Chaoyanggou Forced Labour Camp in Changchun City. They took more than ten people with them. They said that those people had been jailed in Chaoyanggou Forced Labour Camp and were Falun Gong practitioners. They deliberately went to a high part of the building, above the tenth floor, to avoid public attention. They came with cameramen and many thugs. The purpose of the trip was to coerce the practitioners to say that they had been taken good care of and were not mistreated while they were in the forced labour camp. As the camera was running, the group said that they had come here because they cared about the practitioners' situation in the camp. But practitioners who did not follow the cue were immediately forced into silence. The whole thing was a farce.

I said indignantly, "If the forced labour camp was so good, why would no one enjoy themselves there? Innocent people have been jailed for several years. Families have been broken up. Lives have been lost. Can you not call this persecution? Scoundrels!" My friend replied, "It's worse than your anger suggests. They've dared to do anything. It's been said that there have been a lot of casualties at that labour camp. When international investigators request to investigate the human rights violations in prisons and forced labour camps in China, the CCP is able to deceive them. It's a difficult situation."

It took me a while to calm down after hearing this. I feel that this environment is very wicked. It's horrible. I sincerely believe that the CCP is coming to it's end, so to be safe, I have quit the wicked Party and its related organisations. My whole family has quit. I hope more people can understand the importance of quitting!

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