The Shamefulness of the Chinese Communist Party's Court in Illegally Sentencing Cao Dong

On May 21st, 2006, Beijing Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Cao Dong was illegally arrested soon after he met with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Mr. Scott-Macmillan. Before New Years Eve of 2007, Cao was illegally sentenced to five years in jail. At this time, his wife, who was recently released from a forced labour camp, is seeking help from various organisations for his release and his safety while she herself risks being monitored and followed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents, and even risks another arrest.

The CCP's Gestapo like 610 Office and the National Public Security Bureau think, "It is relatively sensitive to keep Cao Dong in Beijing." and "It is easy to be exposed by the outside world." So they transferred Cao Dong to Gansu Province and the institutions under the Public Security Bureau and the Judicial organisations in Gansu Province framed him. Party diplomats quibbled to the outside world by saying "Cao Dong was arrested because he was engaged in Falun Gong activities again." They even made up "evidence" for the accusation of "illegally sending out information about the persecution of Falun Gong to overseas websites" and "illegally storing Falun Gong materials." Whether these accusations are reasonable or legal, we don't make a judgement here. But referring to the CCP's sophistry itself, one would know that the Party is transferring the conflict and transferring the attention of the outside world.

The evil regime arrested Cao Dong within two hours after he left the place where he met with Vice President Mr. Scott-Macmillan, while he was on his way to see a friend. This was clearly an obvious retaliation action against his acceptance of the investigation by international society. With China under the CCP's control, government organisations and the system itself have become a machine for producing lies and covering up truths. And the outside world is totally unable to determine the truth. The Party itself knows the illegality of sentencing Cao Dong. In order to escape pressure and condemnation from the force of justice in international society, in the court and on the verdict, the Vice President of the European Parliament was called an "overseas Falun Gong member." They prepared the publics minds for their projected capitulation, mislead the public and twisted the facts to create evidence for sentencing Cao Dong. This is a typical disposition and a big exposure of the CCP's evil, hoodlum-like nature.

As we all know, the crimes the Party imposed on Cao Dong in the verdict and in its illegal prosecution were groundless. Cao Dong was accused of "accepting an illegal interview." By looking through all the current laws in China, there was no such crime as "illegal interview." From this we can see that the Chinese regime treats its own citizens totally at their free will and totally disregards the laws. If the wicked regime says you are illegal, then you become illegal. Once they outlaw you, then they can do whatever they want and can persecute you unscrupulously.

Even according to its own laws in China, the formality of either accepting interviews or sending information to overseas websites itself cannot be judged as crimes. It is the content that the Court considers. What Cao Dong told the Vice President of the European Parliament was nothing but his own experiences. He just answered the questions and calmly stated the bitter experiences of his wife and his family during recent years. He didn't even make any comment. As a husband, he appealed for his wife who was persecuted without any reason and asked for her rescue. What crime is that? If what Cao Dong and all Falun Gong practitioners stated were "distorted facts" and "malicious attack" like the regimes slander, then why would the Party dare not let international organisations come into China to make independent investigations and let them announce their objective and unbiased result to the world? What does the CCP dread? They afraid that the world will find out about crimes such as organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, and the world will clearly see that the CCP is a criminal gang who acts against justice and righteousness, and murders and kills its own people. Their propaganda of all lies can no longer cover up their illegality of their government. They sense that their last day is coming and they are terrified and extremely weak. So they use the "reputation of the nation" as an excuse and try all means to prevent people from telling the truth and leaning the truth, so they handed down a heavy sentence to Cao Dong, who broke the forbidden area and revealed the truth to the international society.

The court's other accusation against Cao Dong was that he let overseas people take pictures of the letters he collected from Falun Gong practitioners and thus could subject the government to pressure. Those letters included "Help Transforming Agreement," "Accusation Statement," "Meeting Notification by the Public Security Bureau," and "Notification of Ending Education through Forced Labour." Then we could not help asking, "Help Transforming Agreement" and "Notification of Ending Education through Forced Labour," etc. are given to every person who completed their sentence at the forced labour camp according to the law. Those statements or certificates are produced by the forced labour camps as legal documents. How could it be a threat to the country? If public legal documents made by the CCP institutions bring pressures to the Party itself, one can see that this regime has come to its weakest point and can no longer maintain its existence. In its persecution of Falun Gong and its long time suppression of its own people, how many more despicable crimes has this wicked group of gangsters concealed?

However much the CCP denies, conceals and lies, the written lies can't cover up the bloody facts. The incident of Cao Dong's sentencing for his interview with members of an international organisation is a good revelation of the state of human rights in China.

We are now in a most dangerous time. In human history, no other country and people have experienced disasters on such a large scale, lasting so long and so miserable for their belief and for adhering to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." They are experiencing mental and physical torture that the outside civilised world could hardly believe. Brainwashing that was more evil than in the concentration camps in Hitler's time, all sorts of torture, even organ harvesting from living people and destroying the bodies, all sorts of abominable crimes. Thousands of innocent practitioners have been tortured to death. Millions of practitioners are deprived of freedom. Millions upon millions of families experience tragedies such as separation of family members and relatives, death and broken families, and family members becoming destitute and homeless. This inhumane persecution is still going on under the open eyes of the whole world. This not only tramples China's laws and constitution but also ignores international laws. This is not only a deprivation of the basic human rights of Chinese citizens, but also contempt toward innate human rights of every human being in international society. The persecution of innocent and kind people is an inverse of the society's moral values. It severely damages the foundation of the whole society's moral standard. If we let the evil CCP do whatever they like, peoples' human dignity and justice will no longer be kept. The society will no longer be a society of humans but instead an evil one ruled by vicious regulations. No government or people should remain silent or look on in face of such disasters happening in China in exchange for short-term economic benefits.

We appeal to all kind-hearted people to rescue Cao Dong and Falun Gong practitioners in China.

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