Sweden: ”Behind the Scenes in China” Seminar Held in Kalmar

Supporting Human Rights In China (SHRIC) and the International Society For Human Rights (ISHR) stood together with the Epoch Times Sweden as organisers for the seminar “Behind the scenes in China”, which was held in the glass porch at the Kalmarsalen on Wednesday, March 14th.

There were nearly one hundred listeners including municipal commissioners, members of the municipal council, employees of The Regional council of Kalmar County and both local and national press. They listened to the two speakers and a witness of the suppression in China for two and a half hours.

Manyan Ng of Germany was the first speaker. He is a member of the human rights association ISHR. This man, who has more than twenty years of experience of doing business with China, is an appreciated speaker at different conventions concerning business strategies in China. About his experiences and insights into this he informed the listeners in good-sounding Swedish and in an engaging way

It really was, as the name of the seminar insinuated, being taken behind the scenes in China. One of the subjects discussed was how tyrannically the Chinese communist party rules China and how important it is to consider the party seperately from the Chinese people with its culture and history.

Under its rule the CCP has, during its purges, killed land owners, capitalists, intellectuals and now during recent years Falun Gong practitioners. The new rich in china are following and making use of the tyranny of the CCP. The inhumane organ harvesting from living and healthy people Falun Gong practitioners in China is a ghastly example of this. Their organs have, in principle a price mark on them when they are still alive, later to be sold for tens of thousands of dollars to willing buyers. Tens of thousands of people have been murdered in this way because of this “harvesting”, which is close to being considered as slaughter. This is ordered and put into action by the CCP.

The communist party is also behind every decision of a greater investment, as with the Fanerdun project in Kalmar with Lou Jinxing at the front. We also found out that Lou Jinxing has a past in the military in China.

According to the report on organ harvesting in China, written by the two Canadians David Kilgour and David Matas after deep investigations and interviews in China, there are many civilian and foremost military hospitals involved in these detestable crimes against humanity.

Concerning the issue of doing business with China ruled by the CCP, Manyan advised “Not to feed the wolf!” and “To have the CCP change its nature is as asking a tiger to give up its fur.”

Later the audience could hear the witness of how Dai Ying, a forty eight year old woman who had been incarcerated in a labour camp for five years in China, because she is a Falun Gong practitioner. There she had been greatly tortured. She is one of those who have survived and was released in November 2004 and now living as a UN refugee in Norway.

The third speaker’s name was Pedre Giertsen from Norway and he took us on a tour with the theme of how many similarities there are between what took place in Nazi Germany and what takes place in China today. One thing is how the Olympic Games are used as a propaganda tool by the communist party to strengthen its power in the same way as Hitler did. There’s also the similarity with the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, in China they are called laogai, re-education camps and there are around 1100 of those. These are functioning as factories with production of different items with slave labour. This was something that all the three speakers touched upon. How are foreign companies to know and compete with this was one of the questions asked by the audience.

After the speeches there were several questions about if it could be that bad that the speakers had described. It was a lot of information and also a lot of important information to digest to be able to help our friends from China. Both Peder and Manyan were again able to give several tangible and self experienced examples of how this is the very world that they have informed us about that are taking place behind the scenes in China.

Most important of all was that they gave us hope through the warm and tender wind of change that is blowing in China at the same time. It comes in shape of the award winning book the “Nine commentaries on the communist party” which discloses the truth about the communist party. After having read this book over twenty million Chinese have quit the CCP so far; furthermore in shape of the independent TV channel New Tang Dynasty TV which is broadcasting via satellite are reaching out all over China and are delivering news free of the CCP lies and propaganda to the Chinese people.

The spectators gave warm applause to the speakers and for the whole get together and by far the greater number of people left Kalmarsalen’s glass porch this lovely Wednesday evening of March with the “Nine commentaries” under their arms.

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