Sweden: Rally in Gothenburg Celebrating 20 Million Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party

On the afternoon March 24th, a striking banner in front of the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg attracted the gaze of a large number of people. A rally was being held there by the Swedish Centre for Quitting the CCP, celebrating the 20 million brave Chinese people who have broken away from the CCP. Many Falun Gong practitioners also participated in the activity.

The rally in Gothenburg was part of a series of worldwide activities expressing support for 20,000,000 Chinese people who have withdrawn from the CCP.

In the past three months, quitting the CCP has been spreading at a high speed in mainland China. The number of people who have withdrawn is increasing. From December last year, the number of people who declared that they had quit the party and its associated organisations on the Epoch Times website exceed 1,000,000 every month. The number of people who quit the CCP and its associated organisations has increased from 20,000-30,000 per day in the earlier time to 30,000-40,000 per day now, the total number has reached 20,000,000. Many Swedish people said that this is a very good thing.

Annika Lundqvist said: “I have taken part in the Rally celebrating 20,000,000 Chinese people who have quit the CCP. I am concerned with the condition of human rights in China. For many years, the CCP regime has been violating human rights in China. Now the Chinese people have stood up and don’t want the CCP regime, so this regime should not exist. I hope even more people in the world know this piece of good news and give their support for those who have broken away from the CCP.”

Many passers-by reached out for leaflets. When reading a leaflet, a man was carefully looking at every banner, asking what their meaning was. After a Chinese lady translated the contents of the banner and told him that the Chinese Consulate was just opposite, he suddenly realised what had happened: “Everything is written in the leaflet.This is a good thing, a very good thing.” Some who knew better about crimes committed by the CCP regime also came forward saying: “Wish you luck!”

An elderly overseas Chinese person was very pleased to have learned the topic and contents of the rally. A few minutes later, he came again to the place where the rally was being held and gave sweets to people.

At the end of the rally, those who participated in it told a reporter, “We hope more Chinese people will join the great tide of quitting the CCP. We are telling the staff working for the Chinese Consulate and those who have not yet broken away from the CCP: The day when Gods destroys the CCP is imminent. Only by quitting the CCP and its associated organisations can your safety, life and future be ensured. Only by breaking away from the evil Party, can you be saved. ”

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